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I actually wish this wasn't an April fools post- I'd love to have a (wooden/faux) giraffe as an interesting feature in a room! Maybe the world isn't ready for giant, decorative giraffes as a thing....

How To Decorate with Giraffes
4/1/14 02:09 PM

I think if you put up a trellis and invested in some perennial climbing plants, that would be so lovely. Definitely need some big leafy shrubs in the front, and maybe some hanging baskets to help cheer up the porch a bit.

How To Add Curb Appeal to Inherited House? Good Questions
2/18/14 10:57 AM

my spouse and I would love to buy a new mattress, but it's so hard to find any kind of useful guide on how to shop for one- I'd love to see a guide on Apartment Therapy on buying a great mattress that meets your needs. I'd happily shell out the dough for a great mattress, if I only knew what to buy....

A Visit To The Sealy Mattress Factory and Testing Lab Trinity, NC
1/22/14 04:14 PM

Just... WOW. I'm so impressed with such a ingenious recycling project to build stable homes. This is amazing.

Plastic Bottle Construction
11/9/11 11:01 AM

I totally agree about no cell phones at the table- especially when it's a table full of grown up who should all know better. Other than that, table etiquette is designed to be considerate of the other sat the table, so I think as long as people feel comfortable and are having a good time, things should be pretty flexible.

What Are the Essentials of Good Table Manners?
11/7/11 12:52 PM

those sound so delicious!! I feel that way about Rose's Lemon & Lime Marmalade. It's in the UK all over the place, but hard to find in Toronto, Canada. I don't' know how anyone can even bother with orange marmalade once you've tried lime Marmalade- it's heaven.

LU Pim's Pear Cookies: Ode to a Hard to Find Favorite
9/7/11 10:22 AM

I wish this was available to ship to canada- I tried to order the book through amazon (it's a 3rd party distribution, looks like) immediately after seeing this, but it won't ship to Canada. it will, however, ship to England. Come on, we're so much closer here in Canada!

HTML For Babies & 4 Other Tech Baby Accessories
9/1/11 02:29 PM

Mine are constantly nicked by squirrels as well- I agree with the previous comment for wrapping them in netting. it does the trick.

Help! What Do I Do About a Tomato Thief?
Good Questions

8/30/11 11:05 AM

I used to love watching this show until the episode where her husband flew in some materials for the renovation in his private sea plane. Then it immediately felt like unless I was private-sea-plane rich, anything close to this was out of my league.

Sarah Richardson's Cottage Makeover

8/23/11 10:54 AM

I have a general rule of thumb that I totally made up but find works well- if there are plates in front of us, phones are not permitted at the table. It's kind of like that old smokers etiquette rule about not lighting up while people are eating. I feel that phones and food are just not a good combo. but during the pre dinner drinks or in between courses, then it's fine. I just find phones at the table rude, I guess.

Are Dinner Time "Phone Breaks" Good Tech Etiquette?
4/19/11 10:23 AM

I love this new column idea!! I'd like to learn about maximizing easy to grow veggies on a nice bright balcony with limited space, learn about growing some tropical fruits indoors (I've seen some people have dwarf meyer lemon trees, etc.), and about how to garden on a budget- going to the garden center always seems to be an expensive venture. I'd love ideas on organizing seed/cutting swaps, and maybe some great mail order resources for seedlings (not just seeds).

Garden Design Comes to Apartment Therapy
The Gardenist

3/24/11 10:34 AM

Why not plant it? Looks like it's hardy, pretty, and practical:

is there a legit reason to only grow native plants? I'm genuinely curious.

DIY Soapwort Root Shampoo and Soap
3/10/11 12:35 PM

I think this is such a great idea, that hack is awesome!!

I agree with some of the above comments regarding criticism- everyone has an opinion on baby safety and thinks their way is the only way. There are over 6 billion of us on the planet- somehow we're managing to survive infancy quite well; despite the ongoing existence of electricity and sharp corners.

Ikea Gulliver Crib Hack
3/3/11 11:50 AM

In the fall/winter, once a month (after all, both my husband and I are wearing pyjamas, not sweating directly into the sheets)Also, I line dry my sheets, so it's a pain to do it once a week in the winter where they are hung indoors. But in the summer when we sleep naked- at least once week, sometimes a lot more if it's been hot.

How Often Do You Change Your Sheets?
3/3/11 11:40 AM

such a great video! I have always wanted to do little meringue cookies, but felt too intimidated by the piping. this is great.

How To Pipe Buttercream or Meringue: The Video
2/24/11 01:47 PM

oh wow, I haven't had simit since I was living in Istanbul, but simit to Turkey is like the croissant in France- iconic and delicious. Now I need to find a local Turkish bakery!

Behold the Simit: A Very Crusty Turkish Bread
2/24/11 01:41 PM

I'd love to see posts on DIY health/beauty/personal care products; posts on veggie container gardening for those with small balconies, potted dwarf fruit trees, etc.

How Tos For A Green Home: What Do You Want To Learn?
How To Month 2011

1/28/11 12:20 PM

I agree with the other comments about making sure you seal up the openings to your home, rather than have these poor little guys 'exterminated'. They are doing the only thing they know how to do - survive. I'm really surprised that this was even posted, since I always thought the tone of re-nest was about finding ways of living with respect to the natural world around us. We had a squirrel in our roof (I thought it was a raccoon it was so loud) and called a pro to set a humane, exit-only device onto it's entry point (a crumbling chimney). This way it could get out, but not back in. The chimney was then sealed up, and no squirrels have found a way back in since.

A great future post would be about humane and natural rodent deterrents, and ways to better seal up the exterior of a home to make it less hospitable to our furry friends.

Uninvited Squirrels Joining Your Holiday Festivities?
12/10/10 11:50 AM

I've tried this before, and found it really hard to peel the leaves away- a bunch of my chocolate leaves had bits of real leaf stuck in them. Maybe I needed thicker leaves?

Look! How To Make Easy, Edible Candy Leaves
11/17/10 11:33 AM

I bet some of the squirrels in your neighbourhood would like to munch on some, as well! Apparently squirrels can starve to death over long winters. I'm not saying give all the nuts to the squirrels, definitely donate some to a food bank and maybe give lots of walnut baking goodies away for the holidays this year.

What Can I Do With 143 Pounds of Walnuts?
Good Questions

11/4/10 12:34 PM