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I've had my Keetsa mattress for about 4 years now. DH and I have both loved it so far and sleep better on it than anywhere else. At the 4 year mark it is just starting to develop slight depressions where DH and I each sleep, noticeable, but not yet deep enough to interfere with our sleep...and I re-read the mattress care instructions just now and realized we haven't been turning it end to end every 6 months like we're supposed we'll do that and hopefully the depressions will not worsen. We'd buy another one in a heartbeat.

Review: The Keetsa Pillow Plus A Year in Bed
5/17/14 10:01 PM

My parent's house is so cold in summer I sometimes have to put a sweater on. They open all the windows at night and run two fans in front of windows at opposite ends of the house - one blowing into the house, the other blowing out. Cool night air fills the house, and when they wake up in the morning, they close all the windows and draw all the curtains, trapping the cool air inside. They cook outside all summer - they have a BBQ and a toaster oven outside (for two people, the toaster oven is big enough to cook almost anything you need to).

That's usually enough to keep the place cool. They will sometimes also turn a small fan on that is placed to blow cool air up out of the basement into the main floor.

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6/3/10 08:26 PM