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What's Wrong with This Picture?
(The Frame!) Good Questions

8/16/12 09:18 AM

I concur with NYSQ - by sandwiching the work between glass, the intent was to highliight the translucency. But this only works if you hang it on a pale colored wall. A quck fix would be to mask off the glass and paint the wood. You'll need to add small d-ring hooks on each side of the back of the frame and hang with two screws/nails or else you'll see hanging wire.

For the final frame job, I recommend float mounting the work. The piece will be adhered to foamcore, with space left at the edges. The work is then centered in the frame, spacers are inserted along the frame and glazing atop. The work is "floating" in the frame.

My philosophy is to keep framing simple (that doesn't mean cheap) and let the artwork speak for itself. Choose materials that won't be dated in a few years. Archival framing is expensive, you're looking at about $600 for float framing that work. Thats the price of an appliance. Consider using museum plexi glass. It will weigh A LOT less and is safer but you'll need plexi cleaner, winded will scratch it. Research framers, good ones are hard to find.

What's Wrong with This Picture?
(The Frame!) Good Questions

8/16/12 09:17 AM

Perhaps Sarah Rae Trover can take this opportunity to educate the public on the usage rights of Creative Commons vs. fair use vs. copyright especially as she encourages the reader to search for additional art via Flickr. The major national shipping/copy chain often refuses to enlarge or photocopy artworks if you are not the copyright holder. And because you physically have the piece, does not mean you have the copyright.

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6/1/10 07:47 PM