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Awesome! I can't wait to see it! what a tantilising post this is! My partner and I downsized 2 years ago from a 2 bedroom + study + laundry + large living area, to a 1 bedroom tiny house with outdoor bathroom and laundry. It's amazing how much you can accumulate over 2 years and how once again we need to shed ourselves of furniture, linen, paper junk etc. Small living is a constant battle with accumulation, but it really teaches you to pull all those precious pieces out of storage and use them (like the Saarinen table!), get rid of things you don't love.

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8/8/12 08:35 PM

Wow! I think this space is beautiful and fell in love immediately! (i'm a chick) I love this space, especially the consideration that the designer took to mirror placement. Rather than just throwing morrors into a space he's carefully placed them to reflect artful patterns and objects. Infact, everything in this apartment has been well thought out he's placed everything so carefully creating just the right amount of mood and style. It's stunning. I think he's done a fantastic job.
I hate it when commenters are so negative about a designer who has put in so much work to create something. Cliche or not, i think this place is hot. Particularly the mirror in the bedroom and the chevron wall.

I guess haters are always gonna hate.

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6/21/12 03:08 AM

The best advice I can give after living with open closets for 4 years is:

1. Group items by colour
It may freak some people out to mix all the different clothes together for the sake of colour, but it's SO much neater to look at when the clothes are hanging like a pretty artwork. Hang all patterned clothes together and you'll be amazed at how good it looks!

2. Make sure all your hangers are the same.
I hang pretty much everything so I chose a versatile and very cheap black plastic hanger that I can buy just about anywhere.

World of Wardrobes: Style Bloggers' Open Closets
10/25/11 12:55 AM

Does anyone know where the quilt in pic #2 comes from? I think I'm in love!

10 Bedside Tables That Aren't: Repurposed Bedside Storage
2/2/11 07:09 PM

What stunning woodwork. This is something that would last for years and could end up a collectors item! What a beautiful investment!

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11/23/10 10:28 PM

One word. Thisisthehouseofmydreams. yep.

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11/16/10 10:48 PM

Ah i didn't read the comments before i commented. My bad.

YAY for garage sales!

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9/23/10 02:23 AM

Nom nom nom. I eat this house. So tasty.

But seriously, this FEELS like home. It's so nice that you embraced the wood. I see so many reno's where people go on about how dingy dark timber was in the home and then they paint it white & the architecture is lost. Loving all the artwork, i'd love to know where you got the apple from, and the yellow one with the little tree. Bravo, you've created a fantasticly homey home!

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9/23/10 02:20 AM

Hi Shelly. The couple over at young house love just tacked a similar project. Here's a link to their DIY changeable postcard wall:
I really love this idea.

Easily Changeable Postcard Display Ideas?
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8/24/10 06:42 PM

My folks have wooden floors in their kitchen. Put in 21 years ago and still look gorgeous. Nothing fancy either. They look a little worn, but nothing that a sanding and refinishing wouldn't fix.

Personally i like how worn it looks. Adds so much character.

Wood Floors in the Kitchen? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/1/10 06:47 PM