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such an amazing space.. i could do so much with it. Highlight is the hallway of storage... i swoon over that! and the kitchen! just devine!!!!

Johanna's Rare Find
4/23/11 03:09 PM

amazing!! love it... but are there any windows in your condo?

Eduardo's Tiny Sanctuary
4/23/11 10:30 AM

This is amazing! real cool space..

James' Ultra Compact Abode
4/20/11 07:06 PM

sorry, but where's the space? I see great edited and restrained use of knick knacks and things, but not in use of the space.
I wish there was more house to see..but the photographer did a great job bringing out the flavour of the house!

Eider's Light All Day
4/20/11 06:51 PM

But need bigger pics please!

Will's Family Friendly Small Space
4/19/11 03:24 PM

OMG! this si my ideal ideal home and furnidhings! J E A L O U S!

Will's Family Friendly Small Space
4/19/11 03:23 PM

Thanks! Where is the entry?
I love the brick and the windows.. whats the rug at the foot of your bed? looks cool...

Rob's Walls of Windows
4/18/11 09:35 PM

The veins on the marble table you have is spectacular. The blue gray chairs are cute too...would have never thought they'd match! The couch is gorgeous too. Love your furnishings! Cooler lamps and rug here or there would be nice... but I guess after investing on those floors, you wanna see it alot more :)

Joe's Own Design Decisions
4/18/11 09:10 PM

so confused on teh layout..but what a great loft to live in! LOFT envy!!!

Rob's Walls of Windows
4/18/11 08:59 PM

I for one love balconies and love that there is one right outside your bedroom with tonnes of light.

You got my Toronto vote!!! :)

Jeremy's Lake Ontario Views
4/18/11 07:38 PM

I have the same Banana Rep Bag!!!! LOL in white too!

I love your space and I love matchy matchy with splashes of color in other rooms that tie in everything. I totally understand buying investment pieces and have purchased many pieces that some people can't believe I snatched at amazing prices. It's personal taste people!

I also appreciate how you have catered this to your style and made sure that when you have your OWN place you would do it right. I know I did and I made sure it looked all polished and grown up..even on a budget!

Just because it did not come from craigslist, a college dorm room, granny's house or on a curbside doesn't mean it doesn't have character!

Adam's Multi Functional Spaces
4/15/11 11:21 PM

i love the kitchen cabinetry! and love the mixed asian flare!

Carson's Classic & Convenient Home
4/15/11 10:58 PM

GREAT SPACE! It is my fave so far! I love how it all fits in. LOVE the storage spaces. AMAZING! It's just my style, homey, livable, with classy touches. Esp love your work credenza! Impeccable!

Jay's Small Scale Renovation
4/15/11 10:38 PM

I can't believe this is less than 300sq feet!! The perfect rectangle layout makes it great for furnishing! great space!!

Tamar's Sunny Studio
4/15/11 10:22 PM

Love the gas pipe bookcase built in! L O V E!

Liz's Light Off Lake Michigan
4/15/11 10:15 PM

I have to say overall I have built-in envy. Absolutely stunning if you have the space and the $$. But in NYC, I don't think 900sq is small by any standards.. in Toronto it's the new 3 bedroom condos! So small it ain't! I agree that the millwork and built ins are showcased and not much the actual living environment. Like picture 4, could we not have seen the couch? Along with the partial view? I think that would have shown us some personality. Don't get me wrong, nothing gets my heart racing over modern furnishings, but we sure didn't see any ..and for a great space like yours, it would have been awesome to see them in action!

Darren's Usable Space
4/15/11 10:14 PM

Great pieces..wish we could see more of the Loft to get feel for the place! We could a general feel for the furnishings.

Andres Aaron's Loft Conversion Collection House Call | Apartment Therapy Chicago
7/11/10 11:04 PM

WHAT??!!??? ok... thats amazing!!!!!

Jason's Beautiful Focus House Call | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/30/10 09:28 PM

I am so envious of the book case find! Did you have to do any work on it?

I love GUS, especially their huge blowout sales..which sadly they did not do this year.

I have a fetish for storage spaces and book cases! What a BEAUT!!!!

It looks like you have a great city light view too!

Jason's Beautiful Focus House Call | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/30/10 09:12 PM


GOOOOO CANADA! Happy Canada Day Folks!

Jason's Beautiful Focus House Call | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/30/10 09:02 PM