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Ok. judging by the photos, it looks totally fun and normal to me. Little girls dressing up & having fun at a party. Inappropriate didn't even cross my mind until i read reviews.

In fact i plan to do a similar theme for my 3 year old little girl. dress up, music, fun colors, & sweet shop all combined. Thanks for the fun ideas Dana!

My Party: Isabella

2/23/11 11:28 AM

I'm shocked by the negative comments. Perhaps it's not YOUR style, however it is absolutely gorgeous and brilliantly designed nonetheless. Yes, it's very feminine but perhaps Chris simple doesn't have a huge interest in design & gave Gwyneth the go ahead. My husband could care less as long as the price is practical & couches comfortable, ha!

anyway, less tone down the judgement & criticism please.

Gwyneth Paltrow's Pastel Penthouse Curbed | Apartment Therapy New York
7/16/10 12:07 PM