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Yay! More bikes for the people. Whoever wins, please ride it lots!

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11/29/11 03:46 PM

I lived in a house for about 6 months before a neighbor accidentally tipped us off to the gruesome and deeply sad murder of that owner a few years prior (there was an interim owner that we bought from). It was disturbing and due to the net we unfortunately found out some of the graphic details and where it occurred in the house. My husband brushed it off; I was disturbed (maybe it was the pregnancy hormones?). Sold it due to a cross country move within a year, though I think we would have toughed it out if we did not have to move -- so many other charms to enjoy there. A friend recommended some sort of cleansing ceremony and though I'm not religious or new wavy, I could see the benefit in that. I'd rather be ignorant of what happened in a home (and my home now was built in 1911 so there is room for stuff to have happened...).

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6/11/10 02:58 PM


I have shoulder issues and ride a Oma Dutch bike (bought in Chicago at The Dutch Bicycle Co on Armitage). Its fabulously comfortable, as you sit upright, and a wonderful smooth ride. Used to have a hybrid bike and that puts a lot of pressure on the shoulders - ouch!


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5/26/10 02:14 PM

Yay! A happy family home, lots of personal style, and on a budget I can relate too. Congrats on a job well done!

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4/15/10 11:44 AM

Love it!

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7/3/08 09:57 AM

Gorgeous! Sign me up for a chance.

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6/27/08 06:50 AM

So what were you making?! I remember seeing a photo or two of your place a while back (tall bookshelves, low bed) and would love to see more. House tour?

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6/25/08 07:42 AM

Here are the colors I used in the house:

master bedroom (pic w dresser and turquoise lamp): Violet Sparkle, #1422, Benjamin Moore
living room and dining room, Silken Pine, #2144-50, Benjamin Moore
tall, thin blue cabinet: Sweet Bluette, #813, Benjamin Moore
kid room: Powder Sand, 340C-1, Behr

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10/21/07 04:53 AM

Thanks for the kind comments!

Susunj - The dining room chairs are from Crate and Barrel, bought a few years ago and I think it was the "VIllage" style. I don't think they offer them in this blue now, but they always seem to be comingout with different colors.

Annhint - the blue cabinet in the dining room was bought in DC - its from a seed store on the Eastern Shore of MD. All handmade (read: rickety!), but I loved the color.

Colellis - the bedroom dresser is vintage, bought in Miami

Sarabee- the nursery wallhanging is a piece of vintage ebay fabric that I stretched on paint stretchers and stapled (its easy to do).

prettykitty - I'll post the paint colors in a day or so.

Apartment Therapy - #21 - Lori's Cool Refuge
10/18/07 04:26 AM

One of my favorite ebay stores is the seller "tartine7" who is based in France and posts their flea market finds. Lots of fixtures: lights, door plates, signs, and other house and kitchen stuff. You may want to contact them and ask them to keep a look out for those restaurant signs.

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4/19/07 08:12 AM

Perfect timing on this topic! I have a stack of papers I need to shred, but have been on the fence about buying shredder. Do I really need another electric gadget that takes up space? The outlets are full of chargers for PDAs, cellphones....

Any recommendations for a space saving shredders? Arguments against buying one?

AT Survey: Shredder?
4/9/07 08:10 AM