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Thank you all for the comments, questions and insights: no matter whether they were actually productive or not.

Foosball Table is the Sportscraft Silver Cup by Sharper Image. I think a fellow Foosballer’s humorous remark describing the table is just wonderful: “I’m a little disappointed. Since it’s Sharper Image, I thought the table would have some feature that no other foosball table has - maybe a built-in nose hair trimmer or possibly an attached ionic air purifier. Unfortunately, it is just a foosball table.” Foos on!

Light fixture above the dining room table is from Rejuvenation, a company based in Portland, OR with a store in Seattle. They specialize in re-creations of the period classics. Their customer service is outstanding.

I am not sure why this is listed under Chicago. Perhaps because it’s geographically closer than the other 5 AT cities? In any event, congrats to the Cards for taking 2 of 3 from the Cubbies this weekend.

Roof top garden is by far my favorite feature. It’s constructed using 20”x20” pavers from Lowe’s that rest on Bison Screw-jack pedestals. These pedestals are by far the best I could find and am impressed with the ease in which the pavers can be leveled. The wood is simply the pre-treated 2 by's, etc. . . stained with Behr’s Cedartone weatherproof from Home Depot. The Plantings are mostly hardy sedums, evergreens and succulents. The more drought and wind resistant the plants, the better in this case. The views from the rooftop garden are outstanding, that is, if you enjoy unobstructed views of the sunsets and spectacular sunrises over the world’s most identifiable skyline.

Historic Building, the bank lobby below along with other important parts of building have been accurately preserved / restored. The actual condo prior to the building renovation was carpet, vinyl base, suspended acoustical ceiling grid and tiles and 2’x4’ fluorescent lighting. No thanks.

$15 folding tables are the best and truly have become part of me. When you see these at my place, that means I have a project of some sort going on. Perfect when it comes to holding paint cans, installing a light fixture, even as a place holder for grill while permanent home is still being constructed. the best part is I don’t have to worry about spills or scratches! If you don’t see these at my place, please call my I.C.E. contact ;)

Sectional is from Niche Furnishings Design, downtown St. Louis. It is a pretty darn good example of what Louie Sullivan meant when he said “That form ever follows function. This is the law.” This is a very versatile and functional sectional therefore beautiful in my eyes.

Coffee Table came from Warson Woods Antiques, I have never seen one like it before and would love to know the designer and history of it. If anyone recognizes it, or has plans to visit Rent-A-Center any time soon, perhaps they could tell me?

Thank you all again.



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