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If I'm chopping something that tends to stain (say, strawberries), I get the chopping board wet beforehand. It makes it way faster and easier to clean up afterwards.

10 Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Cleaner While You Cook Cleaning Tips from The Kitchn
6/24/14 04:01 PM

A few years ago, I had debilitating vertigo ... 24/7, for three months.

One night a friend called me from Whole Food where proceeded to rattle off every single ingredient in the salad bar (apparently to the annoyance of those around her).

After she brought the world's most perfect salad over, she made me sit down and eat (without moving my head, of course!), and then proceeded to change my sheets, do a load of laundry, and swiffer my floor: all tasks I was unable to do (since I could not even stand up without support).

Best salad I will ever eat.

When the Moment Is the Most Important Ingredient Kitchn Diary: Anne in South Carolina
6/9/14 07:34 PM

Nettle tea is great, too, although I take a hands-off approach and buy teabags from an organic, sustainable supplier. Good for allergies and chock full of iron, too.

Will Stinging Nettles Really Sting You? Ingredient Intelligence
5/30/14 03:33 PM

Buying baby greens reduces a lot of work as you can eat them raw or cooked. I like to toss baby spinach or "power greens" into everything: my weekend scrambled eggs, pasta, fried rice, stir-fries. Or just sauteed up alongside a piece of fish.

How Do I Incorporate Dark, Leafy Greens Into My Diet? Good Questions
5/30/14 02:51 PM

Since I'm a Leap Year baby, on my last birthday I printed out this recipe and brought it to an accomodating bartender. I figure I can work it into my cocktail rotation once every four years!

Recipe: The Leap Year Cocktail Recipes from The Kitchn
5/19/14 04:30 PM

I'm with Griffin, the peanut butter pinecone is a classic. We did that as kids and it was the best squirrel trapeze ever!

DIY Project Ideas: 10 Bird Feeders for Kids to Make
4/14/14 04:16 PM

I usually do a major Spring Cleaning all in one weekend but this year I'm breaking it into chunks and doing it over a month or two. This weekend in fact is going to be the kitchen, so tackling all those deeper cleaning chores.

Hopefully by next week my kitchen will be delightfully ready for Spring!

Spring Cleaning Kitchen Diary: Emily in Los Angeles
4/9/14 03:35 PM

Great! I'd add, clean the litterbox if you have cats; give the toilet a quick scrub; and wipe down the bathroom mirror, since people will inevitably look at themselves while washing up!

The Last-Minute Party Cleaning Plan: How To Clean Up for Guests in 20 Minutes Gatherings From The Kitchn
3/28/14 01:08 PM

I love this "spring soup," which includes leeks, lima beans, small red potatoes, and watercress:


7 Fresh Green Soups for Chilly Spring Days Spring Recipes from The Kitchn
3/26/14 05:13 PM

In my experience, freezing doesn't work. Most home freezers don't get cold enough. The bugs simply go dormant and once they thaw, they're alive again, little frackers.

My neighbor during the infestation I went through tried all kinds of experiments and bedbugs frozen solid for WEEKS unthawed and began moving around after an hour on the counter.

After all, there are insects that like in Antarctica.

Heat and steam are your best home treatments, but like others here have said, this is in general NOT a time to skimp on professional extermination.

Good luck out there, folks.

How To Get Rid of Bedbugs Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/21/14 07:32 PM

Having lived through an infestation which eventually lead to me gassing ALL of my belongings and moving, I am a big fan of the PackTite device. It's essentially a large insulated bag (similar to a pizza delivery bag) with a frame and a heater that heats up to the right temperature (is it 130 farenheit?) to kill bedbugs and their eggs for four hours.

It was designed large enough so travelers can come home and just put their entire bag right in it and cook everything.

I myself use it for when I buy used books. I carry large ziplocs with me to used bookstores or antique stores, and tuck my books in there and seal the bags up tight. When I get home, I immediately put the books in there to "cook."

It's allowed me to continue my lifelong love of used bookstores without worrying I'm bringing home any hitchhikers.

I generally don't bother with it if I'm buying smaller items that aren't porous or complicated such as a bowl, but you could. Would also be a good alternative for thrift clothes, if you don't have a dryer at home.

How To Avoid Bringing Bedbugs Home from Hotels, Thrift Stores and More Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/21/14 07:22 PM

Gee, call me (and virtually every animal lover I know) crazy but I like them both. And also birds, rabbits, hamsters, ponies, etc.

Let the Cute Competition Commence: Pet Madness: Cats vs. Dogs Starts Tomorrow!
3/19/14 01:12 PM

1) the number of closets: five!
2) the picture of Steve McQueen (fixing a motorcycle, natch) that hangs over my toilet. My friend John now calls using the restroom "visiting Steve."

What Surprises People the Most About Your Home? Reader Survey
3/18/14 12:35 PM

Fortunately, my new office is not the daily candy explosion my old one was, but I used to have the same problem and can definitely relate!

What I usually did was alternate between these two techniques:

1) Break lunch into two and eat twice. Eat half at your normal lunchtime (say, 12:30) and then when the sweets cravings hit a couple of hours later, eat the second half.

2) Thoroughly brush your teeth after lunch, even floss & mouthwash. I find that helps me both after lunch and after dinner to not want to imbibe anything other than water or unsweetened tea afterwards and becomes a sort of signal to yourself that you're done eating for now.

Good luck!

Cure My Cooking Problem! I Really Want Something Sweet After Lunch The Cooking Cure Spring 2014
3/18/14 12:16 PM

I ALWAYS record "The Walking Dead" and watch it the next night right when I get home from work. Too distressing right before bed!

I keep an old, dark tee-shirt hidden in a basket on my nightstand and toss it over my alarm clock after setting it each night, so the light doesn't bother me. I use a combo of ear plugs and nature sounds on my mp3 to block noise. It's not really very noisy where I live, but I'm a very light sleeper so every bit helps.

If you have a lot of trouble with sleep, watch your caffeine impact as well. I've learned to my profound sadness that even chocolate desserts too late at night can disrupt my sleep.

5 Things to Avoid for a Good Night's Sleep Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/12/14 04:11 PM

Oh, Barb in CT, how adorable-yet-sad is your comment!

How To Keep Pets from Waking You Up Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/7/14 04:58 PM

I admit it, I've given up. I've tried many of these ideas and now I just accept I'm getting up in the dark, feeding my cat, and going back to sleep. Ha!

Oh well -- I'm a light sleeper who wakes up often anyway so I just combine the early cat breakfast with a loo break and go back to sleep pretty quickly.

Pathetic, I know.

How To Keep Pets from Waking You Up Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/7/14 02:44 PM

For the first time ever, I'm planning on hiring a professional window washing company in a month or two (once whatever rain California is still going to get is mostly over).

I researched some well-reviewed, local ones. And they clean the outside, inside, screens, and then sills. I figure it will be worth every penny, especially since I'm not on the ground floor and can't reach the outsides.

Plus, I'm terrible at cleaning windows.

The \"It's Almost Spring\" Home Refresh Plan
3/7/14 02:41 PM

I've never been a coffee drinker, but I do love tea. I used to love strong, strong, black tea.

But I am definitely one of those caffeine-sensitive types and about ten years ago had to stop drinking caffeine at all, after a number of years of reducing....

If I have a small amount, like a few tiny cups of green tea with dim sum in the morning, I might be fine. Then again, I might find myself 15, 16 hours later wide awake in the middle of the night, staring at the ceiling, completely unable to sleep.

I do envy caffeine drinkers, though, on the mornings I feel groggy!

Five Reasons I Drink Decaf Coffee Now That I'm a Mother Kitchen Diary: Anne in South Carolina
3/4/14 02:07 PM

My Christmas tree topper is a vintage-inspired (new but made from an old mould) mercury glass pineapple. Everyone loves it.

A Brief History of the Hospitality Pineapple
2/28/14 05:07 PM