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This looks great! What width is this rowhouse? This design definitely eliminates the typical rowhouse cavern feel.

A Brooklyn Rowhouse, Redone Professional Project
2/19/13 05:50 PM

Love this room. Any idea where the bed is from?

Grey + Orange Perfection
6th Street Design School

1/10/12 10:47 AM

Any idea where the son's bed was sourced?

Doryn's Gorgeous Kid Oases
Kids' Room Tour

1/9/12 10:18 AM

These posts are great and really helped to lighten my otherwise stressful day! Great stories. I am a full time working mom with a crazy job and a son who just celebrated his first birthday -- yayyy!

My husband's aunt suggested that we start potty training at 5 months. At the time, I was way too sleep deprived and in the first time mommy, but at 9 months sure enough, we put him on and he made pee pee. Since then, we sit him on the potty every morning. 6 out of 7 mornings we get pee (and the occasional poop -- although after breakfast is the best time to get a poopy out of him -- no pun intended). We are far from finished, but I'm hopeful to have him out of diapers by 18 months -- it's a marathon using this method. So far, he really likes the potty and responds positively to praise. This week he even started saying "all done". His daytime sitter has started to place him on the potty after each nap and sure enough, she is having the same success.

I was not a believer, but I'm totally glad I followed the advice of my aunt-in-law. For any skeptic considering this method, do give it a try.

Let's Get This Potty Started Right: Potty Training Woes & Wisdom
7/21/11 01:43 PM

Pls let me know the source of the bedroom bedside lamps. I've been looking for just that lamp.


House Tour: Jon Improves on the Stark White BoxNew York | Apartment Therapy New York
6/13/10 10:40 AM