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I grew up the only girl with 3 brothers. Three of us were relatively close in age but baby brother was many years younger. We had a three story home and every Saturday before my parents went to work the 3 older kids were assigned a floor to be responsible for. So if you had the bedroom level you changed sheets and vacuumed and cleaned that bathroom, the main level included bathroom and kitchen scrubbing along with vacuuming and dusting and the lower level was bathroom, vacuum, dusting and Laundry. Because this was the early to late 70's we had shag carpet so after vaccuming we had to "rake the carpet" so the pile all went the same way. So glad shag carpet is no longer in style. Also glad we were forced to learn this stuff cause having married someone with no responsibilities growing up as I actually do know how to clean a house and do laundry and cook etc. My husband on the other hand had no idea. When we were first married and I asked him to clean the bathroom I found him cleaning the sink with water and is fingers.... But I have taught him and our children and now they can all claim really good cleaning skills.......

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5/27/10 09:10 PM