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I wonder how do you water the fern on the wall... I have a huge one on the terrace, and might some day want to do something similar, but I wonder about the maintenance...

Small Space Lessons: Floorplan & Solutions from Michael's Mini Manhattan Home
4/23/14 05:26 PM

Absolutely! My mother helped me decorate my house when I first moved out, and she's very reluctant to change. I have learned the hard way to not care about her opinion and making my home more my own. Every time I tell her an idea, her impulse is to say no, in a very discouraging way. I'm a lot happier now that I make my own decisions. It all started when I purchased a massive leather sofa while she was away, and it continued until the other day I swapped the living room and the dining room altogether. Nobody liked it exceptfor me and my husband. Now a few days have passed and everyone is commenting that I was right...

Don't Worry About Others: Advice on Creating a Home That Works For You
4/19/14 09:00 AM

Lovely place! Congrats!

My suggestion: two couches facing each other, away from the walls, perhaps lined just by the end of the glass door. No coffee table, but a long, wooden bench in the middle. Entertainment center hanging on the wall (because the opposite sofa is away from the opposite wall, it's not as far from the tv). Buy four, very comfy stools and take advantage of that kitchen counter (assuming that I understood correctly and it's like a bar separating the living area from the kitchen).

Hope that helps! Good luck and please show us the result. :)

Ideas for Living/Dining Layout in Open Square Room? Good Questions
4/18/14 09:27 AM

Diatomaceous earth works! And it's cheap, and it's environmental friendly, and it's not cancerigenous, and it's odorless, and it's harmless. I don't have enough words to thank the anonymous user that recommended this a few months back.

A Bedbug By Any Other Name: Cimex Lecularius
9/1/10 10:19 AM

I warm my plates in the m/o when I've guests so the food won't get cold before I finish serving.

Kudoz for the mascara tip... though some comments seem to dislike the idea... Mascara is quite expensive in my country (well... everything's expensive right now...) so I'll give it a try. I've nothing to lose.

9 Uses for a Microwave — That Don't Involve Cooking
8/13/10 10:36 PM

I think the kitchen would look super nice with pale green on the walls, and that's it, it would look great in contrast to the cabinets as they are.

Colors & Design Details to Personalize Kitchen?
Good Questions

8/11/10 12:33 PM

Light grey on the walls, cushions with some fuchsia on the sofa. Maybe throw a folded black/greay and white piece of fabric on one of the sides.

Cheery Wall Colors to Suit Roommate's Burgundy Sofa?
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8/5/10 04:59 PM

I love it! Go Argetina!!!!

Super Cool World Cup Poster from Hyperakt | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
6/30/10 04:52 PM

I bought a large, black leather couch a year ago, right after my -also black- cat shreded one of my roomies' black jacket to pieces. He likes to lie on black things...
My strategy involved staying a whole weekend sitting on the couch and giving him a very authoritative "no" every time he approached the couch. Did this for 48 hours and it works still. Other people have tried to encourage him to go on the couch and he doesn't dare unless there's some sort of fabric on top of it, or jumps directly on them, without touching the leather.

Curing Your Couch of Cat Scratch Fever | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/7/10 06:41 PM

Diatomaceous earth. It's organic and kills all bugs.

Pesky Pests: How Do You Get Rid of Them | Apartment Therapy DC
6/4/10 09:58 AM

Theresa's, all the way! I'm in fact going to steal her idea for the cutlery for my own kitchen.
Though for some reason I can't vote :(

Small Cool Kitchens 2010 Finalists: Vote Now! Small Cool Kitchens 2010 | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
5/27/10 08:04 PM