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As a summer camp counselor an area of the united states known for its bed bug population, bed bugs are just about the worst, most obnoxious thing you'll ever be up against. THAT SAID, there are ways to deal with them preemptively that are way less of a headache than dealing with them once they're in your house. If you heat the sofa up enough (do some research on just how much), you'll be golden. Don't, however, rely on just looking at the couch. Bed bugs are really hard to see and are all too easily confused with chiggers or any other kind of small bug.

Should I Be Worried About Pests When Buying a Used Sofa?
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9/29/10 01:48 PM

I agree - It'd be great potentially for stairs leading down to a playroom but I would never do this for the front entrance way.

Look! Stair Runner Made from Ikea Carpets
8/24/10 07:05 PM