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I always get so excited when Dwell Studio announces a sale. Then I look at the sale price and it's like, "whomp-whomp". Actually, most of these sale items aren't that much less. I guess I'm too used to thrifting and second-hand prices.

Weekend Shopping Alert: 10 Great Things On Sale RIGHT NOW July 11, 2014
7/12/14 09:44 PM

Next time, try citrustrip! It's my new best friend-I'm stripping all the paint off my original, with about a hundred mullions window, and it is AMAZING! Better for the environment, better on you!

Before & After: An Army Green Vintage Broyhill Goes AWOL
7/12/14 01:02 AM

Citrustrip paint remover is my new best friend. Less toxic than traditional paint stripper and it works REALLY well for projects like this. Just did the legs of a little table-no sanding required. Just in case you find any more treasures and don't want to spend hours sanding.

Before & After: An Upholstered Stool Gets Stylish with Hand-Stamped Fabric
7/6/14 08:11 PM

Hot pink signs with an arrow pointing the direction to go with one simple word, SALE! Worked so well for me in the past. And posting on CL

Get the Word Out! 5 Effective Ways to Advertise Your Garage Sale Apartment Therapy's Guide to the Perfect Summer
6/22/14 10:46 PM

Love the color! Maybe some red or orange to offset all that blue? No storage by the bar? That would be a great place for one more shelf to add art, plants, pretty things.

The counters are so lovely too! I love your vision for this space.

Before & After: A Bright, Budget-Friendly DIY Kitchen Makeover Under $1500
6/22/14 03:32 PM

Before I hit the "after" I just kept hoping, "don't be teal, or grey and white chevron, or hot pink..."

I LOVE this paint job, and I'm kind of a purist with original pieces. Great find, great update!

Before & After: From Old to Gold Bar Cart Revamp!
6/21/14 01:26 PM

I'm going to frame this quote on a statement wall, but first, I'm going to go paint a statement wall!

Forget Fear! Have Faith, Take a Deep Breath and Leap Comment of the Day
6/16/14 01:17 AM

That was totally unexpected. I don't typically comment on before and after projects (because I usually don't care for the "after" often) but this is thinking outside the box. And the circle.

Just wondering why the tape was needed around the edge? Just to add a more finished look, or was it "edge-y" at the joints?

I have a sad little side table with great legs. I'm truly inspired by this!

Before & After: From Plain to Simple & Scandinavian-Inspired Tripod Side Table
5/18/14 10:16 AM

Yes, YES! Wonderful, fabulous, perfect!

I don't usually love this style, but anything restored back to its original glory-or close to it-always makes me SO happy. Looks like I'm not alone.

I'm going to go sand something down now...

Before & After: An Art Deco Dresser Is Restored to Its Former Glory
5/5/14 10:52 PM

This is a great transformation. We call it a family room in our house, because it's got a little bit of everything for everyone. Looks like that's what they've done here. I love the entire wall being chalkboard, you could add a fancy border, or draw a vase of flowers on that little end table. I would have too much fun with that...

Before & After: Dull, Lifeless Space to Colorful Playroom
4/6/14 10:26 AM

The benefits of wearing your baby vs. having him/her in the stroller or the infant seat (I call it "The Bucket") are endless!!!

I'm always baffled when I hear people say they have no use for a front pack or a sling. Your baby was IN you for nine months. INSIDE YOUR BODY! Or at least, someone's body, if it wasn't yours. They long to be near you, smell you, hear your heartbeat and your voice the way they did when they were in the womb. Plus, you can pretty much just kiss on them over and over and smell their sweet baby heads.

I loved my handmade sling, made just for me according to my height and weight, and my Beko front-and back-pack. I used them for both children, and they were by far the best bits of baby "gear" I owned.

Also, a really cute diaper bag that looks like an awesome purse (like the one pictured) will last you for so many years, and people will say, "Oh, what a cute purse!" but little do they know there's old snack cups and diaper wipes inside.

Shifrah's List: Baby Items I'm Glad I Bought and Ones I Wish I Hadn't
3/26/14 11:07 PM

thank you for the budget breakdown. i hope everyone remembers that what may be a tight budget to someone, may be outrageous to someone else. i think we just get jealous when we see someone else has done a beautiful reno and we wish we could do that too!

i love the updates. the counter tops are my fave. i just wonder how you maintain them?

Before & After: A Kitchen Goes From Eek to Chic on a 10k Budget
8/11/13 12:21 AM

snark in the guise of opinion is still snark.

huge difference! i love the open shelves and bright color. how did you do the under-the-window-shelf? was that existing?

the important thing is that you love it!

Before & After: A DIY Bathroom Renovation Old House New Tricks
6/25/13 12:33 AM

i want that mini-kitchen!

Before After: From Plain To Pint Sized Kitchen Flickr Find | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
5/27/10 01:47 PM