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ATV2 hacked with Icefilms FTW!!

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Unplggd Battle of the Boxes

12/16/11 02:28 PM

Both @lisa and @little cat make great points. The more you host, the less effort you put into it, the easier it becomes. People are far more likely to appreciate a meal they didnt cook than to ciriticize one.

The Secret to Being a Successful Host
11/23/11 12:24 AM

Order a 300lb block of ice from any local ice company. Drill some holes in it with an wood bore attachment and put the shot glasses in them. Blocks are usually under $100 with delivery.

How to Keep Soup Shooters Really, Really Cold at a Party?
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5/5/11 04:43 PM

This recipe is actually the reason I bought my ramekins:


Visually, they are always a hit.

What Should I Make In My Brand-New Ramekins?
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2/1/11 10:41 AM

Love the art on the left. Where is it from?

Bright Bold Lights In Dining Spaces | Apartment Therapy DC
5/27/10 11:48 AM