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I fall asleep to the muni bus going by, traffic, random people talking, skateboards, etc. Occasionally we get sirens and car alarms at night, but not often. I don't even hear muni any more -- especially not since we get heavy drapes, sound-minimizing blinds, and a fan. Even though we're in the middle of the city, we can hear the foghorns on really foggy nights, too. It's lovely.

Waking up is another thing altogether. Neighborhood construction, semi trucks rolling by, rush hour buses... nothing compares to the dulcet tones of the GARBAGE TRUCKS. Seriously, of all the things that could possibly drive me nuts living in the city, the only thing that really bothers me is those damn garbage trucks. They're deafeningly loud-- impossible to drown out with the fan, the blinds, blankets over my head... And they come every morning. I really don't understand it.

I grew up in Monterey and whenever I go home to visit my parents, I'm always amazed by how well I sleep. I'm pretty sure it's because it's so quiet. Still, I love the city noise (except the garbage trucks). I just wish we had more birds.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | What Sounds Do You Fall Asleep To?
6/10/09 08:01 PM

Speaking as someone who lives in an updated Victorian in Alamo Square... I think it's fine to do some updating as long as you keep the spirit of the home intact. I agree that perhaps they went a bit far with the recessed lighting and removing the crown molding, but honestly? This place looks nice and clean but manages to retain a lot of the warmth from being an old home. If I lived there, I might put down some more rugs and fill the rooms a bit more so it doesn't look quite so sparse.

See, the problem with Victorians is that while they're pretty to look at, they can be difficult to live in. The rooms are tiny and poorly laid out and the fixtures are ancient and crumbling. I think the key is to update the functionality and clean up the aesthetic so it's not AS ornate, but still keep the details that give the place a sense of history.

I think our landlords managed to do a pretty good job of balancing old with new when they updated our apartment. They kept all the crown and picture molding. The light fixtures are kinda cheesy home depot style (sigh, renting), but they kept the beautiful, probably hand-carved... things (pendants?) on the ceiling above them. Different one for each room. There's embossed wallpaper in the hallway, but not too much to be overwhelmingly rococo. They kept these vertical wooden slats in the living room to add more interest. The interior doors and their knobs/locks are all original (I love the doorknobs), including a large pocket door between the two front rooms.

One major renovation they did was knock out the wall between the kitchen and the living room. I have to say, this was absolutely the right thing to do. Now instead of having a tiny cramped galley kitchen, it has a large kitchen with an island that we cook and eat at, and you can be in the kitchen while still conversing with your guests in the living room. Small, poorly laid out kitchens are the bane of old apartments. I just wish our landlords had chosen granite or a smooth tile; this travertine crap, while pretty, is impossible to get clean...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Peek Inside an Historic Home in Alamo Square
5/12/09 04:12 PM

ltboatshow's idea of making a map is a great one. I've never bought a house before, but I did this for my last apartment search and it was really helpful. There's an even easier way to make a map, though: use Google maps. If you have a google account (Gmail, etc.) just go to http://maps.google.com while you're logged in, click on My Maps, then click on Create New Map and go from there. It's pretty self explanatory. You can draw points (using different graphics), areas, and paths. I drew a bunch of areas that I would be willing to live in, then added a bunch of important landmarks (grocery stores, schools, etc.) then put all the apartments I was looking at on the map with prices, descriptions, etc. It was especially helpful to my boyfriend, who didn't know the area as well as I did.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Hindsight: Before You Bought Your Home
3/24/09 05:19 PM

Judging from how many dogs are in my neighborhood--North of Panhandle--it's a really dog-friendly area. It's not super close to BART, but you've got the 31, the 5, and the 21 running directly downtown. It's right next to the panhandle so there's your park right there. Plus it's just a really cool neighborhood. I don't have a dog myself so I don't know how difficult it is to find an apartment that allows dogs, but it's got to be possible because I can't walk 2 blocks without running into at least one person walking their dog, any time of day.

I'd definitely look into the place doublejack recommends. It's just a few blocks from where I live, and Alamo Square Park is another great place to take your dog. Also seconding the Noe Valley recommendation. Places around Dolores Square park are good too. Both those areas are reasonably close to BART, which is the one real qualm I have with my neighborhood.

And yes, it's a renter's market right now, so it's a great time to be looking. We were going to move but changed our mind and ended up being able to negotiate our rent down $100/month! Plus, all the places we looked at in SF, there were barely any other people at the showings. Landlords seemed desperate and very willing to negotiate. It was a different story in the East Bay though. I think people now are pretty much only moving to save money right now, so they're heading east -- meaning the cheaper places over there are much more in demand. Oakland (Rockridge, Lake Merritt, Claremont) and Berkeley are great.

Good luck!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Looking for a Pet Friendly Apartment in the Bay Area
2/27/09 11:08 PM

Here are my standbys:

- Hummus and pita
- Quesadilla with avocado and maybe some beans
- Grilled cheese
- Scrambled eggs and english muffin or toast
- Toast topped with soft boiled eggs, salt, pepper
- Toast with avocado and salt on top
- Egg/cheese sandwich (on an english muffin)
- Steamed broccoli for veggies
- Raw red pepper (with hummus maybe)

- Huevos rancheros -- put some shredded cheese on a tortilla, pop it in the toaster oven (or microwave), fry a couple of eggs and put it on top of the tortilla/melted cheese, top that with some storebought salsa, and avocado if you have it.

- And my latest favorite: homemade pizzas. This is easy if you plan ahead and stock up. In a recent Everyday Food, Martha Stewart had a great recipe for whole wheat pizza dough. It makes 8 perfect sized individual shells for the freezer. When you want a pizza, just pull one out, top it with pasta sauce (I keep homemade pasta sauce in the freezer), shredded mozarella, a chopped up Aidells sausage, maybe some onions or red peppers or mushrooms, stick it in the oven at 450F for 18-20 mins (better if you have a pizza stone), and you've got an awesome meal that honestly did not take much time or effort. I guess it's a little more difficult than "stick it in the microwave and go" but it's totally worth it and does the trick when you really don't feel like making a full-fledged meal.

I also freeze balls of cookie dough for a much needed homemade cookie fix. Granted, I don't ever actually end up COOKING the dough because eating raw it is just too tasty.

I do sometimes eat prepared food, like Amy's frozen burritos, or Annie's mac n cheese.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Weekend Meditation: Not in the Mood
2/22/09 05:26 PM

Seaside, that sounds utterly amazing. Photos?

I wish our apartment had the space for a man room, but it's okay that it doesn't: my boyfriend is not particularly masculine and I'm not particularly feminine. We tend to agree about decorating decisions (lucky, right?). He doesn't insist on displaying his baseball card collection because he doesn't have one, and I'm fine with his Playboys in the bathroom because I, too, enjoy reading the articles while pooping. And I don't have any desire to paint the place in florals, so he doesn't feel out of his element anywhere in the apartment. The giant HDTV in the den/office is a shared resource. It works out well.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | The Man Room
2/18/09 10:17 PM

Bah. I only wish I had this problem. 3,000 square feet worth of stuff to get rid of? Oh noes! Try packing two San Francisco studio apartments worth of stuff -- already pared down to the essentials -- into one small (<1,000sf), awkwardly laid out, two-bedroom SF railroad flat. That's what happened when my boyfriend and I moved in together about a year ago. When your new bedroom is so small that it doesn't fit even one dresser in addition to the queen bed (let alone two), then we can talk. (Our solution: renting a storage unit. $70/month for a giant closet to hold our camping gear and sentimental things-- worth every cent.)

Also, how is this green? The article advocates getting rid of your perfectly functional 30 year old furniture because "30 years is long enough! Time to bring in some fresh new furniture!" How is that advocating the idea of waste not, want not, reuse as much as possible, etc.?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | 21 Tips for Downsizing Oregon Home
12/11/08 02:17 PM

I'd love a copy of this book because I'm a huge sucker for gorgeous photos of food, and because I love drooling over (and sometimes even making) exquisite recipes!

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10/3/08 12:40 PM

Last January I moved to an old apartment with single-pane windows right on the 5 bus line. Fortunately we're on the 3rd floor and there's no stop at our corner, though there is a stop sign. During the day, the noise doesn't bother me at all, unless I'm trying to watch a movie. At night, I no longer wake up to the sound of buses. It took a month or two to get there, though. What does wake me up is the garbage trucks in the morning. Those horrible, hateful things. Plus we live near a large supermarket, so the big-rig delivery trucks are also super noisy. Cement trucks are another big culprit. (Let's not talk about the neighbors with the loud ass motorcycles, or the really annoying car alarm that goes off everyday.)

ANYWAY. The point is, you will likely get used to the MUNI, even though it doesn't seem like it just yet (I'm assuming you just moved in). We have a three-pronged attack for the bedroom:

1) Heavy velvet drapes, like these from IKEA. The blue-green is gorgeous. Expensive, though.

2) Under the drapes, high quality noise reduction shades. We got these. They're great. Really well made, and diffuse the light beautifully too.

3) Honestly, though, what's made the biggest difference has been using the air filter as a white noise machine. It has the added bonus of making the bedroom air really fresh and clean.

Hope this helps!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | AT on... Street Noise
10/1/08 05:31 PM

Guinness ice cream with a chocolate swirl!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Thursday Giveaway: Recipe of the Week: Ice Cream
8/22/08 02:40 PM

Hey, I think I know where that is! Near Alamo Square, right? I live a couple blocks away. :)

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Gigantic Outdoor Mobiles
8/8/08 03:58 PM

Oh oh oh! Me!!

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7/11/08 12:51 PM

Lame. I grew up in Monterey and my best friends' family had a kitchen with terra cotta tiles and it was fine. Monterey is colder and more foggy than Santa Cruzy. It doesn't freeze that much in that area. I've seen countless houses with terra cotta roof shingles; how is that any different?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: Terra Cotta Tiles in Santa Cruz?
6/12/08 01:06 PM

Aww, what a cutie! :) I have a cat that's that fluffy and let me tell you, the hair management is practically impossible!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Candid Cat Snaps
5/27/08 10:11 AM

Ohh, I would love one of these! When I first saw these I marveled at how beautiful they are, and how I could never afford one...

Thanks AT:SF!

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5/16/08 10:15 AM

Ohboy. I'm sure the anti-gentrification folks will have a few words to say about this. Especially the "pioneers" language. Oof. Cute place, though.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Young Pioneers Stake Claims in the TenderloinSF Chronicle: 05.04.08
5/5/08 02:49 PM

I think it looks pretty good already! My one suggestion would be to get some plants to enliven the area. I don't know much about gardening, unfortunately, but something lush and green and a bit of color. Maybe a mid-sized potted plant in the far left-hand corner (Meyer lemon tree? can those go in pots?). That and/or a planter or two coming out from the side of the the balcony edge like a window box. I wouldn't put plants on top of the balcony because you don't want to block the view any more than the balcony already does. Can you have plants on the outside of the balcony or is that against your HOA rules? Because that could be nice, if so.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: What Do I Do with My Small Balcony?
4/10/08 11:40 AM

Dang. That's awesome! Makes me wish our landlord hadn't installed these not awful but not so great new hanging light fixtures in our apartment. I like them, sorta, but my god are they ever obtrusive and bright. They're fairly low-hanging, too, so I'm always running into them when doing things like standing on the bed to change the sheets. Might have to investigate the possibilities of replacing them when we go to install a projector screen...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How To: Replace Ugly Rental Ceiling Shades
3/27/08 10:35 AM

Oops, sorry, I just now reread-- you said no light. Never mind!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: Suggestions for Bathroom Fans?
3/27/08 09:40 AM

I really like this one:


That site has a lot of stuff, some of it horrendous, some of it really nice.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: Suggestions for Bathroom Fans?
3/27/08 09:36 AM