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i got one too. it's a great device. better than expected. some apps like BBC are so well suited for this device.

Apple iPad is Intuitive Fun, Untapped Potential …and Easily Smudged | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
4/4/10 01:55 AM

Seems like your post contradicts itself - how short is "short term"? It's called a "growing table" Looks like this would last up to 18 years of age.

Growing Table | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
3/12/10 03:54 PM

Beautiful home.

Next Week Offline: Margaret Roach! New York Design Meetup | Apartment Therapy New York
3/3/10 01:56 PM

iPad is a new category of computer. It's not a phone, it's not a full featured laptop/desktop.

I think of of it as a casual computer for adults lounging on the sofa, at a coffee shop etc.

However it would be most useful for older folks like my 69 year old mom who is always having Microsoft OS issues. Or a great computer for children.

It's closed eco-system keeps things simplified and safe from trojan horses. low to no maintenance.

6 iPad Alternatives Roundup | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
2/18/10 08:13 PM

My compliments to the craftsman. However, it's so huge that it just doesn't work in this small room which is ironic as that probably is why this was designed in the first place.

looking at the pic only illustrates that is too large for this room: it's too high over the window and practically overlapping the door jam.

I doubt this is a modern home which doesn't help this modern trundle one bit. But don't get me wrong, big ups for the clever use of design and storage. I would love to see version 2.0

Modern Trundle Bed by White Red Works | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
2/17/10 08:59 PM

my 3 hens lay 1 a day.

An IKEA Home for Chickens IKEA Hacker | Apartment Therapy New York
2/4/10 08:49 PM

At the end of my day: i could have done without this image

Final Frame: Hardware - Circuit Board Boxers | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
2/1/10 09:24 PM

We used to shoot them with BB Guns.

How To: Sleep with a Streetlamp Outside Your Bedroom Window | Apartment Therapy Boston
1/6/10 03:29 PM

Beware the sand people.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration Files: Debi Treloar Photography
10/15/09 11:39 AM

Well I did it. I got me some de-lish butter. I used this instruct-able for clarification:

Pretty cool. But not really cheaper than buying it.

took about 15 minutes.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Tip: Make Butter By the Pound in a Stand Mixer
10/14/09 05:04 PM

Sounds easy. What does "squeeze" mean? do you put butter in a cheese cloth and then squeeze it? how is this done exactly?

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Tip: Make Butter By the Pound in a Stand Mixer
10/13/09 12:31 PM

I am a fanboy. However, it's obvious that Apple really does not have their heart into the Apple TV and all the things we think it should do. It languished after it original introduction because they were slightly ahead of their time and their iTunes wasn't ready to download. Then they introduced it again AppleTV 2.0 and again it seems to just sit there. There is no multiple brand inclusion like netflix, hulu, flickr, facebook, no real internet stuff.

Also I think the Home Sharing is half-assed as well. I could careless about sharing music, IMO, but they should have gone father: I want iLife Sharing between computers, my TV and my portable device, iPhone, in my case.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Apple's Slow Path Towards the Ultimate Home Media Server
9/10/09 09:55 PM

Can I be the only one who thought ( based on the first photo of the card on a glass table ) that you were going to suggest using it for nose candy?

Sorry, I think I've been around the block a few times.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | New Use For That Keychain Club Card
7/2/09 08:34 PM

This really is a slow news day.

come on at-la you can do better than this.

you might as well have told me you decided to move the waste basket from inside to outside of your kitchen cabinet.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration: A Small Rug
7/1/09 01:32 PM

Not Hot. Broken Concrete is better.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Hot or Not: Smart StoneLighter, more durable and recycled.
6/30/09 03:29 PM

they don't work on white corian either.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | How to Make a Glass Desk Mouse Friendly
6/30/09 01:39 PM

>>>"But c'mon, who needs a Prius when you could be watching Twilight in splendid HD, right?"

Maybe if I was a 13 year old girl I'd watch Twilight. Instead I'm a 13 year old boy....gimme Star Trek instead!!

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Panasonic Proves Plasma Is Still Big, Twilight Ready
6/19/09 08:30 PM

Keep it RED!!!!!!!!!! It's both Modern and Traditional.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Exterior Color Suggestions, Please!
6/12/09 09:14 PM

I've seen some nice handhewn dough bowls on ebay

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Dough Bowls as Decor
6/12/09 05:57 PM

This is a great program you are participating in.

However, the list must be in the the thousands and if I had a favorite then there would be no point in going to their site.

Why don't you narrow the list for us. perhaps 10. I guarantee you'll have a bigger response to this post (and happy readers) than having us search that long and 'information lite' database.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Help Us Give 1% For the Planet
4/8/09 04:02 PM