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Cool running water. I learned that trick from an assistant manager back when I worked at a restaurant during high school; works like a charm, every time.

Ouch! How Do You Treat a Kitchen Burn?
10/3/11 04:25 PM

Roasted diced chicken and broccoli! Great way to bulk it up to a quick meal, and use up leftovers in the process. Husband likes to add the ends of bags of frozen veggies and, yes, cut-up hot dogs. ;-)

Bacon to BBQ: 6 Favorite Mix-Ins for Mac n’ Cheese
11/4/10 01:13 PM

We were about to dump our CSA because I was so tired of not knowing what anything in the box was, actually. It came with a list, but when faced with "sweet and hot peppers," and about forty peppers of different shapes/sizes/colors, I was baffled! Just this week, though, they started putting a link on their website with a picture of this week's box, and mouse-over information on each vegetable. LIFESAVER. I am really considering keeping the CSA now, because my main problem with it - the How Can I Cook It If I Don't Even Know What It Is? problem - is gone! I'm really excited about it.

(that being said, I don't think I'd take the time to watch a video.)

What if Your CSA Veg Box Came with Instructions?
11/3/10 05:27 PM

Oh my goodness. Where has this recipe been all my life? Sweet rolls? Good. Pumpkin? Good. Pumpkin sweet rolls? GOOOOOOOOD!

Recipe: No-Knead Pumpkin Rolls with Brown Sugar Glaze
10/18/10 01:15 PM

I'm a mix between feeling and intuitive - and what do you know? My recipe style (when I e-mail a beloved recipe to a friend) sounds just like a mish-mash of those two! That's fantastic. :)

What's Your "Pumpkin Soup" Style?
10/6/10 05:41 PM

While I totally understand seeing something so much that you're just sick to death of it, I think that seeing a neat design trend show up in Target or Wal-Mart (or even Pottery Barn!) is actually pretty great, in some ways. Many people wouldn't have the time or money to find their own authentic whatever it is, but they see it at a place they go regularly, at a price they can afford, and it connects with them. We should be so lucky to see iconic, beautiful designs show up in homes from Los Angeles, CA to Los Fresnos, TX (pop. ~5K). Will we be sick of it? Maybe, and that's fair. But they will be improving so many people's daily lives with a little bit of beauty and happiness, and I think that's an overall win. :)

5 Supposedly "Tired" Trends We Still Really Like
7/29/10 06:01 PM

Perfect - I'm in the lower part of Zone 8, so I could probably keep this sucker going for months! (of course, it will may well wilt sadly in the heat like my "regular" zukes are now, but it's worth a shot!)

Raven Bush Zucchini: Not Too Late to Plant!
7/29/10 05:06 PM

I love the focus on the huge windows - they make a small space feel much larger, and the (totally fantastic) curtains keep the window-wall from overwhelming the room. I agree with other comments that the stripes are totally sweet.

Jason's Beautiful Focus House Call | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/28/10 12:54 PM

Raw tomatoes! I love them cooked, and they're so red and shiny and juicy and beautiful, but I just don't like them. I don't like them on sandwiches or in pastas or eaten like apples (like my husband does). The only way I can eat them is sliced wafer-thin on white bread with real mayo, and then, only if they're from someone's garden (or the CSA).

Foodie fail! ;-)

What Foods Have You Tried To Like, But Just Can't?! | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/15/10 11:41 AM

Maybe try some denture cleaner (Efferdent or similar)? That's what we clean our carafes with around here, and they come out sparkling, but there's never any aftertaste.

Help! How Do I Get Soap Taste Out of My Thermal Carafe? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/7/10 02:00 PM

I agree with @katiewalker, but under 90 is just a pipe dream here in central Texas from about 7 am to about 9 pm between Memorial Day and Labor Day (and often beyond). We still eat outside a lot around here in the summer - so long as I'm not directly in the sun, I'm fine. And keep those citronellas lit!

Survey: Do You Like to Eat Outside? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/3/10 01:11 PM

I really can't imagine that someone would need food to be that clean, unless someone in the household is immunocompromised. Otherwise, just scrub it all down well with water and, if necessary, a scrub brush, and be done with it. Maybe that's just my lazy talking, though. ;-)

It's good to know that if you do get concerned about it, you can just use vinegar. Is there anything that miracle elixir can't do?

What's the Deal with Fruit and Vegetable Wash? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/2/10 05:09 PM

My husband and I were just talking about this yesterday. My mother bemoaned the fact that I never took home ec - it was offered at my middle school, but only as a "second tier" elective - i.e., if you weren't in choir/band/orchestra/art/athletics, you took shop and home ec to fill the credit hour. So I didn't really learn to cook (despite mom's best efforts) until I was in my twenties, and I still can't read a sewing pattern - and I'm one of the best-home-educated of my friends, since I knew how to iron, do my own laundry, and balance a checkbook before graduating college.

Unfortunately, as other commenters have noted, there are already so many "non-essential" classes being cut (P.E., fine arts, shop courses) that I don't see a return to even optional home ec, much less mandatory home ec, anytime soon, despite the evident benefits.

Bring Back Home Ec? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
5/26/10 05:20 PM