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I see it as a game of tug and war where comfort and style battles what you can afford. When I am looking for a new office chair I try to keep in mind that I spend about 40hrs a week sitting in the same chair so the comfort part of it is really important. I don't want to spend more money getting the kinks out of my back because I decided to cheap out on the thing that I spend so much time using. It's like your bed in my opinion you should have a comfortable bed.

I lucked out when I moved to Dallas last year in 2010 and found a Herman Miller Mira chair at a resell furniture shop called Again & Again for about $150 when the chair normally costs about $800.00.

How To Choose Your Perfect Office Chair
9/12/11 04:06 PM

Oh man these are all great but whole cow are they pricey! I'd love to see a DIY version of one of these out of things you can pick up at the hardware store. Unfortunately, it seems like even the $40-$100 fireplaces that I see in the stores are just flimsy shoty pieces of metal that will fall apart after just one season. You do get what you pay for. -AK


Fire Pits Outdoor Fireplaces Roundup | Apartment Therapy New York
5/25/10 09:54 PM

For me a summer porch needs to have a punch of color. That is what I really liked about number 1. Although I think I would have gone with a colored Adirondack chair and bench instead of the metal framed pieces. I feel like the white chairs are too washed out in the second option and for me the patterns are a little to traditional or something. I do however like the bird pillow. I also agree the drapes are needed if we are pulling out all the stops. I also liked the plants in the third option but besides that there isn't enough drama or a focal point. I would have also gone with odd numbers when placing the plants. Just my opinion.

So the textures, colors, and items from number one with similar chairs to number two and plants from the third one. That's my pick.

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5/25/10 09:43 PM