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Another one is from Ten One Designs. http://tenonedesign.com/fling.php
I believe Logitech just flat out stole the design from the.

Add Some Feel to Your Tablet Gaming Experience
8/26/11 10:55 AM

I agree that $15K is quite a lot for a lamp. I'm sure a good part of that expense is that the lamp is handmade and pretty intricate. It might take someone two weeks to make just one lamp. On the other side, how is Dofaso making a knock-off at 1/20th the price?

What is the Scoop on Dofaso?
8/12/11 12:42 PM

I would say they are a reproduction shop. For that lam I could only find it made in copper or steel yet this site sells it made from aluminum. Another dead giveaway is at the bottom of their webpage it says chinese wholesale four times and the artichoke lamp is manufactured in Denmark.

Dofaso: Trusted Knockoffs or a Scam?
8/12/11 12:10 PM

If you can afford it, get a chain mail glove. Most of us do not shuck oysters that often and will never get good enough to do it without having that knife slip. And if it does slip, it will be going straight at the hand that is holding the oyster.

Crack, Slurp, Repeat: How to Shuck an Oyster
6/29/11 06:01 PM

Get a recording of a red tailed hawk or a flacon and play it out your window. Try to place the speaker so it reflects off of a building and makes it hard to locate where the sound is coming from. This is the pigeons natural predator so they should clear out if they think a hawk has made your home a regular hunting ground.

A Humane Way & Eco-Friendly Way To Get Rid of Pigeons?
Good Question

5/23/11 12:44 PM

Yep. Room & Board Hudson Cabinet


I love that piece.

Trad Home: A New Twist on an Old Favorite
4/15/11 10:21 AM

Good call April. Actually, every plant list here is toxic to cats.

Popular House Plants from the 70's Are Making a Comeback
3/28/11 02:59 PM

A few things. I think Apple will ad app functionality within the next year. As far as rental vs purchase, you can purchase movies & TV shows via iTunes. Since the Apple TV 2 has no storage, there is no reason to let you buy from it.

The Apple TV does support Dolby Digital 5.1 via HDMI and it does support soft subtitles. For the subtitles they need to be embedded into the mp4 file. THe problem with DVD (not Blu-Ray) is that the subtitles are actually a video layer and not a text file. You can generally find the srt files on-line. As far as embedding them, I use isubtitle and it works great.

I don't think Apple will ever change format support. It doesn't help their business model.

@pgkelly The Apple TV will automatically go to sleep after 20 minutes of inactivity. You change the length of time in the settings. Also, you can use the remote app for the iPod touch/iPhone/iPad as a text entry device.

Top 5 Feature Requests for AppleTV 2G
3/7/11 01:29 PM


Add the yolks with the rest of the filling ingredients.

Surprise at the Holiday Dessert Table: Easy Key Lime Pie
11/18/10 01:39 PM

Scott, you're missing the little k in front of the Watt Hours. You only save 0.28% of a ton of coal or about 6 pounds of coal. Not an insignificant amount, but a lot less than three tons.

Quick Quiz: Which Saves More Energy?
9/7/10 11:15 AM

1. Closet space. I've seen places that had either no closets or just a small linen closet for a two bedroom.

2. A usable kitchen. I currently live in a place with such a small kitchen it is almost impossible to cook. And god forbid have more than one person in there.

As I've gotten older. I've learned to never settle on an apartment. There is always something out there that will suit your needs/wants.

Our Top 5 Deal Breakers For New Spaces
8/3/10 04:28 PM

I've the Parsons bed for about 5 years. It is probably the most solid piece in my home. The steel is thick and the welds are perfect. The West Elm bed is held together with nuts and bolts and is powder coated to look like raw steel. Also, the only things touching the floor are the four legs, the west elm bed has the center legs "hidden"underneath the bed. The parsons bed is really easy to assemble/disassemble and requires no tools.

Parsons Bed: Room Board or West Elm? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy DC
7/23/10 02:02 PM

Painting the wall black will just make the bathroom look very small. The cabinet would look very nice in black. http://gallery.me.com/pixelfactory#100099/BlackVanity

I would also try to bring in a bit of the color from the tile floor in the artwork or towels.

Would You Paint this Bathroom Vanity Cabinet? | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/3/10 02:37 PM

Here is a quick rendering of what it would look like.


Would You Paint this Bathroom Vanity Cabinet? | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/3/10 02:13 PM

A good vacuum is a must. When I upgraded to a Dyson I couldn't believe how much cat hair it picked up compared to my old vacuum. My typical routine is to dust, sweep the hardwood, then use a dust mop in the hardwood and finally vacuum the rugs, drapes and furniture. It's a never ending battle. As far as deep cleaning the carpet, I would find a service to clean them. Their equipment runs at a much higher temperature than the stuff you can rent. They will do a better job and the chance of mildew is greatly reduced. Another thing I have to do on a regular basis is trim the rug where the cats have pulled up the rug. A good pair of scissors does the trick.

Carpet Cleaning Woes With Cats | Apartment Therapy DC
5/26/10 10:55 AM

Another thing to think about is how the sofa will pickup a bit of whatever color you paint the wall.

I'm Paint Paralyzed and Need Color Suggestions! Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/25/10 02:30 PM