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GothamTomato -

I too would love the name and contact info of the electrician you used if you have it handy. thanks.

Good Questions: How Can I Fix My Painted Over Outlets?
6/19/07 08:45 AM

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous - very jealous of the molding and your lamp pairs - great use of 300 sq. ft.

one question, to which i probably know the answer: where do you eat?

#30 - Ron's Hotel "Sweet"
4/30/07 09:28 AM

Congratulations on having a colorful (as long as you like them), neat and coordinated (to a point of being too matchy) home, but this apartment really doesn't do it for me, to put it politely.

#29 - Lex & Lynn's Modern Haven
4/27/07 10:45 AM

this is a confusing entry...i can't get a complete understandting despite the photos and floorplan.

the wall magazine rack is intense - reminds me of news cafe or the nail salon, but i suppose it's better than having dusty stacks of old magazines on every surface of the apt.

#28 - Daniel's Idiosyncratic Little Pad
4/27/07 08:38 AM

very nice bathroom and gorgeous pullman kitchen. nice work - i am pretty sure i know this building and judging by what i've seen of the older units sans renovations, you've done a great job.

not my choice of colors and not a fan of gothic-y pieces, but that's just me.

i have to say it again, very nice kitchen and bathroom.

#27 - Bryan's 3 F's
4/27/07 08:36 AM

beautiful photos of a great space...i am green with envy for the jonathan adler credenza, which i had eyed for so long (but could not get myself to buy when i realized the price had jumped significantly last august/september or so)...in any event, your home is lovely, warm, lived-in and stylish.

would love to see photos of the kitchen, which seems to be quite large.

on a constructive note, have you considered replacing the barney-purple seating? not crazy about the color, especially in that space...generally, i'm not crazy about sofas without arm rests either - they just don't seem like comfortable every day seating...

Marlene Todd’s Love Nest
4/23/07 10:04 AM

assuming you crash at friends' places when you visit nyc, and would rather have your own space when in town, how about an apt swap some time? me in your puzzle place and you in my funhouse. how about it?

#20 - London Urchin's Jewelry Box
4/20/07 08:36 PM

Sea -

great suggestion. this is what i love - thinking that you've thought of every permutation, combination, possibilty, only for someone to come along and suggest something different and potentially helpful. i love the exposed beams, but they've posed a problem over my bed. when guests and i move around up there, sometimes it feels like slow un-athletic capoeira, hinging from the waist and turning heads around a la the matrix. and the open beams sort of creep me out super up close like that - to stare at all that old fiberous wood....and then to sometimes see wood flakes on my pillow is not nice.

keep the suggestions coming.

17# - BK's Dream Come True
4/20/07 11:08 AM

Amber - I love that you referred to me as a "he" since i fancied my taste and vision to be more masculine...but i'm all woman!

limited budget, for me, meant that my fancy shmancy appliances, which were an absolute must to me, and my somewhat designer-ish pieces were charged on a long term 0% APR credit card that I am painstakingly paying off little by little...i charged what i could and scraped for the rest. I hate carrying cc debt, but making my home "home" right away was important to me and i was cashless and new-homeowner-poor.

FYI: i heard through the grapevine that PC Richards was going to have a massive mid-summer sale on everyting including the viking ranges, so i waited patiently and stopped in the store every week until the sale started and bought up all that i needed in the kitchen...i wish my refirgerator was a sub-zero, but its just a simple LG (awesome and cheap-ish).

17# - BK's Dream Come True
4/19/07 06:51 PM

gee wiz everyone - blushing from the rad comments and laughing at the cat/dog tent and debate and the le creuset sticker comments.

- wood: the ceiling beams are the original beams with all their imperfections. after demolition, i fell in love with the beams and wanted to keep them exposed, but living on the top floor without ceiling insulation means hotter summer, colder winter, so i asked nestor to insulate and wall board in between. the color of the kitchen/bar wood was a "happy accident" after experimenting with a new stain that came out cherry red (no-no) and correcting with a dark brown - the color looks tres different depending on the time of day and available light because of all the layers of different stains.

-pet tent: okay, i'm busted. i have an adorable dog, but ikea was sold out of the dog tent and i really wanted to bring one home, so i bought the cat tent and viciously cut off the whiskers thinking it would look more like a dog tent. obviously, i was wrong. i debated whether to fold the tent up and make my place look more "photo-ready" but then decided not to stage my place - the damn tent is always around - whether it is there or in the middle of the room or near the stairs, etc - it is always around and full of toys that my dog then methodically pulls out and distributes around the apartment. it's a little game we play.

- le crueset stickers: the photo of the kitchen was the best one i could find to submit and was taken by my contractor for his website the day after i moved in - so the sterility of the kitchen is not true to form and i had not had a chance to take the stickers off my housewarming gift to myself....although the truth is that the stickers are STILL on the pots because at first i didn't think to take them off (i thought they were permanent) and then when someone pointed out the fact that they were stickers, they were impossible to remove...the stickers are now just picked at around the edges from my half-ass attempts to remove them, but for the most part, still stuck on...

- pleather?!? the only pleather in my place are those 2 round black chairs, which i'm debating on keeping (first pieces of furniture i had when i moved to nyc in '99 and have a lot of sentimental value, but crowd the space; on a plus side the chairs are light, easy to move around, comfortable and great for extra guests)....everything else is buttery nice leather, thank you very much.

- stainless backsplash: not my first choice but super cheap and i had all of one week to plan and price materials and make it happen...and i idiotically thought that stainless steel was uber-utilitarian and magnetic (thinking i could use magnetic spice holders magnetic towel racks, the works)...only to find that it isn't magnetic....it's just there to be scratched up and dinked up!

- taxidermy: i've loved it, continue to love it and suspect that i always will. if i could afford more, i'd have more. period.

my place is definitely still a work-in-progress. i moved in 7 months ago and started a new job within a week - so the unpacking and decorating has been slow and in bursts...i wasn't going to submit until next year because i felt that i was only 80% done with my vision, but i thought this would be a great way to open dialogue and get some advice and suggestions from ATers. i'm still deciding on what to get rid of, what to replace, etc...

***somone suggested i visit AT right when i was faced with the dauting task of gutting, renovating and moving in within one month (20 working days)....never having been to the site, i stumbled on to the open thread of the day while still trying to figure out the site and threw my big plans and impossible schedule out there....over the course of 2 days, i received amazing advice, suggetions and sparked a few debates (speaking of which, what has happened to jamiepup and opponomax?). AT was how i located my contractor (after interviewing 15 guys within 3 days)! i've been singing his and AT's praises ever since.

how about an AT apt crawl??? we can check each other's places out in person - in conjunction with "the kitchen" - some eats and drinks in small cool spaces? anyone anyone?

17# - BK's Dream Come True
4/19/07 01:52 PM

really nice artwork - love the scale - care to reveal your source? by the way, i'm #17 and have the same high gloss closets as you (pax - correct)? my friend and i almost died carrying the boxes up 4 flights - harrowing!

#18 - Sarah's Modern Glam Palace
4/19/07 12:19 PM

did you say waterbed? niiiiiiice.

just curious - how old are you? any answer would surprise me.

#16 - Nattles' Color Explosion
4/18/07 12:02 PM

i hear you wende...my entry was interrupted by work so i didn't finish typing all that i wanted and thought the hell with it...but i'm back. some of this year's entries and this one in particular gave me no clue as to who lived there (here)...none...perfect spaces to rent out to others who can then make it their own.

as someone who has at times fantasized about and toyed with the idea of making my space blank-slate-ishly stylish so that no one would have a clue as to who i am (neutrally sylish for re-sale value, blah blah blah), i understand that it must (i hope) take great constraint and effort to make ones space appear that way. perhaps the phenomenon is to create a space that may appeal to as many people across the board as possible, thus requiring a space to be strangely generic? a space that all (or as many as possible) could envy?

funny that i, too, thought of P(2)'s space when thinking of what the perfect balance is for me. i have yet to see a space that is that inviting, rich, orderly, stylish and functional. i re-visit that post A LOT.

#15 - P D Cubed
4/18/07 10:06 AM

i live in a similar space with similar constraints and found that lofting the bed was the only solution as well - the only way to have "living" space.

understandably, for the SCC, people clean and tidy their space and make it photo-ready - perhaps that has more to do with the sterile spaces we've seen...

also, the smaller my home is, the tidier and more minimalist i prefer it to be - it is just too maddening to be in a small space and have all of my personal effects out...

#15 - P D Cubed
4/18/07 09:32 AM

spanishfish - i'm not BH...i see a E.K. and thought that might be me. who knows....i guess ill wait and see - still haven't gotten a confirmation that my re-submission was received.

Small Cool 2007: New York Submissions
4/18/07 07:37 AM

this is sort of disturbing - i submitted over a week ago and received a confirmation that the submission was received, but i'm not listed....will we receive a confirmation for resubmitting and will that confirmation mean something this time?

Small Cool 2007: New York Submissions
4/17/07 11:14 AM

holy wow - love the white and open spaces and backlit glowing closets....you really kept with the theme with the street marks on the floor.

#11 - Victor & Soeun’s Romantic Loft
4/16/07 08:44 AM

love the living room,

like the bedroom,

don't care at all for the forced dining area...perhaps the dining area was staged for the photo, but is really something else in reality?

such a lovely dramatic breath-taking space with such an "eh" dining area...i would love to see a dining area that rivals or is up to par with the living room....imho, it looks like a card table with a bedsheet thrown over it.

otherwise, as i expressed earlier, breath-taking sitting area with a tasteful display and collection of iconic pieces. niiiiice.

#8 - Gregg's White Wonder
4/12/07 02:22 PM

so warm and inviting and i see what you mean - your bed and sleeping area are un-bed(room)-like. i admire your clear yet subtle separate zones. great use of space and filling the space without jam-packing it.

i just went through a very similar experience: downsizing from a 1000 sq ft one bedroom to a 335 sq ft studio - the editing, donating and dumping were cathartic and i have no regrets. you appear to be fully edited - i still have 3 boxes to get rid of. similarly, i refused to part with a queen size bed. i also have the same cutie-patutie dog as you. coincidences coincidences...

#7 - Randi's Post Loft Sophistication
4/12/07 08:45 AM

GENERAL QUESTION: who names the submissions?

#6 - Melissa's Pocket Magic
4/11/07 01:10 PM