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I second buying a readymade bedskirt and adjusting the height. If you are not into stitching like me, buy fabric glue and use that to hem in the extra length. Fabric glue works wonderfully. This is if you want to go the inexpensive route.

If you dont mind spending extra few bucks in getting a nice custom made bedskirt with 5in drop height i can give you a free quote :). You can check out my website for some of the fabric options (also have some nice solids incase you are looking for something simple).

Good luck!

Ideas for a Bed Skirt Alternative? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
7/9/10 10:25 PM

Agree with earlier suggestion:

You could use a door mounter blind/shutter/drapery for the living room. In fact i think woven blinds will work great for the living room.

Foe the bedroom, you can use a fabric valance (maybe balloon shade type) that can be mounted inside the window casing. The fabric valance would soften the room and maybe add some color too.

How to Dress These Windows Near AC Units? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/23/10 11:44 PM

I love the first two rooms.. cool color schemes and furniture.

Masculine Patterns Inside Man | Apartment Therapy Boston
6/23/10 11:27 PM

I like the idea of doing a dark brown all the way. That would make your furniture and curtains standout and ground the bright red bedding and all the white accents you have in the room. Since you do have quite a few furniture pieces in your room, i wouldnt recommend doing a printed wall paper (might make the room look too busy)

As for the lighting, maybe you can try a tall modern floor lamp on the right side of your desk and a desk lamp.

Finishing Touches Wall Color for New Bedroom? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
6/14/10 04:38 PM

I love the wallpaper idea - simple and an easy DIY but can give dramatic results especially when choosing something bold and bright with big prints..

Ideas for Decorating Stairway Wall? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
6/10/10 05:52 PM

Love the simplicity of the home and the skylight in the kitchen... Accessories in bold bright colors could make the home more personal and lively..

Northern Georgia New Construction ArchDaily | Apartment Therapy DC
6/10/10 05:40 PM

Congratulations on your first home! Nothing as fun like decorating your own place.

YES, as a few other suggested, first paint the walls and then decide whether you would like to keep the couch or curb it. I have a similar couch in my living room and have still been able to keep the design contemporary/modern by just choosing appropriate paint color and accessories. My only concern is whether it is too big for the space (since you mentioned the room being kind of narrow).

Keep the Big Sofa or Say Goodbye? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
6/8/10 10:53 PM

I love the curtains and the design.

I agree that the Kalah spice would make a great substitute.

Sources for Perfect Curtains…or Fabric to Make My Own? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy DC
6/8/10 10:23 PM

I noticed that everybody recommends not painting/staining the wood. I am leaning towards staining the wood in a darker color - something like brown black or even black.
And maybe you dont have to reupholster the entire chair - how about just the cushions (back and seat)- in a solid bright contrasting fabric - like aqa blue/Magenta pink/Fanta Orange/Sunny yellow. The black stain on the wood will give a nice contrast and the bright solid fabric on the cushion will give that modern retro feel..Also the reupholstering should work out less expensive. Not sure if this your style though.

Can These Chairs Be Saved? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
6/2/10 07:06 PM

How about track curtains with the track installed at the bottom of the overhang (as you would in a ceiling)? This way you can still hang the curtains of your choice and still slide them open easily when required. (checkout the link below)

How to Hang Curtains on Window with Odd Overhang? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/26/10 10:22 AM

I would think a earthy green (with a slight brown tone to it) will pull in everything together. I see that with the accessories (the light, side table, the picture on the wall and the sofa) you are going with a black/white/gray color scheme and the floor (and the coffee table) are in brown tones. The earthy green would ground both the color schemes you have going (because i have a similar colors scheme in my living room and i love the green i have - nettle from pittsburg paints. check out the links).

I'm Paint Paralyzed and Need Color Suggestions! Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/25/10 03:36 PM

Great space and i love the re-upholstered ottomans. Good job!

My vote goes for the banded curtains - but with the band on the top. I noticed that most of the furniture you had in the space were at similar height/eyeline. So adding the band on the top of the curtains will break this pattern and draw the eyes to the height of the ceiling creating more visual interest in the space. How about choosing a 2-3 ft band on the top with a fabric that is 2-3 shades darker than the fabric on the bottom. This way the contrast is sutle but not too sutle to be unnoticed.

Good luck with the fabric selection.

Good Questions: Top Design Curtain Advice? | Apartment Therapy New York
5/25/10 12:12 AM

We carry some trendy contemporary curtains that we ship to anywhere in US for free. Everything is custom made but available at prices similar to those of ready made panels. Check out our website and call us if you find anything interesting. Call us if you need help with selecting something.

Good Questions: Contemporary Curtains in Boston? | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/24/10 05:18 PM

We carry some trendy contemporary curtains that we ship to anywhere in US for free. Check out our website and call us if you find anything interesting. I love the windows and the openness of the room :)

Good Questions: Contemporary Curtains in Boston? | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/24/10 05:16 PM

We offer trendy curtains at great prices - all custom made but at prices similar to ready made panels. We offer standard and custom sizes - both width and height. We also sell fabric by the yard if you would like to sew your own curtains. And free shipping anywhere within US :).
Need help with design - free design consulation also provided!

On Sale: Curtains and Drapes | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/24/10 04:59 PM