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LOL, hilarious!

Quiz: Is That a Pet Toy or a Baby Toy?
10/29/13 04:04 PM

Definitely going to try this!

DIY to Try: Travel Photo Diorama Apartment Therapy Tutorial
7/28/13 05:14 PM

Very nice! But unfortunately the tour shut down midway through the slideshow.

Michael & Jitka’s Artfully Combined Townhouse House Tour
7/18/13 04:14 PM


Heinz & Veronique's Mid-Century Home + Prefab Cabin + Studio House Tour
5/31/13 09:36 PM

This is lovely!

Jodi's Absolute Favorite Small Cool Contest
5/27/13 03:03 PM

Really beautiful place! Wish I could see what the kitchen looks like!

Emily's Brownstone Studio Small Cool Contest
5/17/13 01:00 AM

That first one is so cool! And for all the people worried about the birds... if you click the link and read about the treehouse from the original site, you'll find this:

"To prevent birds colliding with the reflective glass, a transparent ultraviolet colour is laminated into the glass panes which are visible for birds only."

Unique & Extraordinary Treehouses
5/16/13 07:31 PM

I'd have to agree with some of the other commenters about the cushion being too high, but I love that bright yellow - so cute!

Before & After: A Wooden Bench Goes Bright
3/7/13 03:48 PM

Wow, pretty impressive!

Mary Lee's Life in 300 Square Feet House Tour
3/6/13 10:40 PM

Really enjoyed this tour and reading a little from your blog as well! Thanks for sharing, Alina!

Alex & Alina's Lovingly Layered Home House Tour
2/13/13 05:30 PM

I really enjoyed this tour. I, too, really like the fireplace - it's great and unique. Thanks for sharing your home!

Kristin & Adam's Refined Bohemian Abode
House Tour

1/23/13 11:29 AM

Wow, I love this tour! Very inspiring!

Heather & Dave's Eclectic Enclave House Tour
1/16/13 01:12 AM

Yes! I have been waiting for this one to open! I love this lamp :)

Win: Robert Abbey Mary McDonald Lamp
from Euro Style Lighting Holiday Giveaway

12/13/12 05:59 PM

@sprayfaint... the towels are from Michelle Keeler home. You can find pretty good priced ones at

Nanette & Jonathan's Eclectic Family Home House Tour
12/6/12 03:27 AM

Love this! Could really use some stylish and useful cat accessories!

Win: Cat Bundle from Cat Above & Modko Holiday Giveaway
12/5/12 12:27 AM

Maybe I'm missing it, but where did you get the quilt for your bed? I love it!

Nanette & Jonathan's Eclectic Family Home House Tour
11/17/12 03:59 PM

Maybe I'm missing it, but where did you get the quilt for your bed? I love it!

Nanette & Jonathan's Eclectic Family Home House Tour
11/17/12 03:59 PM

My sister would love these!

Win: Williams-Sonoma Cookware
& Tools Sets Holiday Giveaway

11/15/12 10:22 AM

@hippopo - wouldn't you be more stumped as to why anyone would pay $40 for a Mason jar snow globe? I think vintage items can be worthy of a heftier price tag too, but I also think anthropologie happens to be wildly overpriced.

The Etsy Challenge: Holiday Edition
11/15/12 10:20 AM

Oh yes! I remember CPK's! I remember asking my mom for one for christmas one year and you can imagine my disappointment when I opened what I thought was a CPK, but was really the knock-off version... "Pumpkin Patch Kid" :/

The Original Cabbage Patch Kids (and Other Christmas Morning Disappointments)
12/11/11 04:39 PM