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My Design partner and I tackled this dresser problem on a recent project! LOVE the way it turned out. A burlap curtain in place of the missing drawer. Check it out on our blog....

Solution For Missing Dresser Drawer?
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7/31/11 12:58 PM

A tip that's saved my design life. When trying to paint a straight edge using painters tape 99% of the time the paint bleeds through, right... we've all been there. If you take a caulk gun and run a thin line of caulk along the edge of the tape, then smooth your finger along the line smearing the glue both on the wall and edge of the tape. This creates a bond between the tape and the wall and acts as a seal. You'll be thrilled when you pull back the tape and have a clean crisp paint line! :)

How to DIY a Pattern on Wall?
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7/8/11 03:35 PM

You could cut a globe in half, drill a whole in the top and connect it to the light fixture instead of the glass. If you cut it a little shorter than half I'm sure that would leave you a nice lip rim where light would pour out from the top and give you some dim lighting!

How To Improve Dome Light Fixture In Rental?
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2/17/11 07:52 PM

I'm a bit of a popcorn addict, it drives my roommates nuts since I pop a batch each night before going to bed. I heat the pan with oil and then dump all my seeds in. I have a designated popcorn pot so in the rare chance that it burns it doesn't get my feathers frazzeled.

I also have a sweet tooth trick. Every once in a while I'll cook a batch and just before the kernals begin popping I add either Agave Nectar or Maple Syrup to make an "all natural kettle corn' taste. You have to time it right as sometimes the syrup begins to burn a little, again a great reason to have a Popcorn Pot.

But it's delicious!!

Popcorn Popping Tip: Start with Just 3 Kernels
2/1/11 09:44 PM

I've seen the LoftWall product in person on display in a showroom in Dallas. For the high price the wall is very low quality. Definately something that someone who is fairly handy could easily make from HomeDepot's aisles. It's got a clean design but looks cheap up close. I say make a knock off and save some major bucks!

LOFTwall | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/20/10 10:45 PM