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I use Melaleuca products; they've been doing green since before being green was everyone is jumping on the "green" band wagon so be cautious don't believe the packaging, check out the ingredients. Personally, I like that the products are delivered to my doorsteep, it keeps me out of the stores. I don't have to expose myself to the other toxic cleaners that are stocked on the shelves. I save on gas, and impulse shopping not to mention Melaleuca's products are a better value than grocery store brands.

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5/21/10 04:24 PM

I've been a Melaleuca customer since July 09' and as a family of 4 we've experienced significant positive changes in our health and environment. Melaleuca has been a blessing for us and I would love to share with anyone interested in knowing more. I live in the Illinois area, previously moved here from California. You can contact me at to learn more about the company, the wonderful products and a business opportunity. You can also place an order or ask any questions.

My name is Linda

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5/20/10 01:15 AM