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@IAMTHELAB - yes, all of them do have that divider, but am I the only one slightly disappointed by that? I'd like to see new and different ways to divide or room or see a room that isn't divided at all. I feel like I'm seeing the same place over and over again.

Dane & Leah's Craigslist Kingdom Small Cool Contest
4/4/12 01:37 PM

wow, I didn't realize there were people like me out there. I'm always redecorating, color schemes change and I pack away things and bring others things out of storage, etc. Happens several times a year.

Are You A Compulsive Re-Decorator?
4/4/12 01:33 PM

I understand why someone would want to break up a studio with a large shelf or curtain, but it's nice to see spaces where one embraces the singular room. Sometimes breaking up a space leads to low, inadequate lighting and rooms that look very cluttered. Just my 2 cents.

Vote: New Entries for Monday 4.2.12 Small Cool Contest
4/2/12 09:47 PM

I'm stunned. This is absolutely incredible. Well done team! I'm sure NYC could use some help.

Designers Give Back: The Good Shepherd Charity Design Project
12/13/11 02:06 PM

target website in NYC, I have no hope of getting my hands on any of it unless I look on ebay...booo! (I really wanted the blanket!!)

Missoni for Target Crashes Design News 9.13.2011
9/13/11 11:27 AM

The W Hotel chains have amazing beds and they are for sale. I've seen them on Gilt Groupe, but not sure where else it can purchased. Sofitel is another chain where I sleep incredibly well.

Buying Hotel Bedding for Home
7/6/11 10:26 AM

harsh critics here!

Google Decorator: Most Beautiful Furniture in the World!
6/9/11 03:08 PM

Love the first, I probably wouldn't decorate my own like that, but it's awesome.

Design Ideas from the Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse 2011
5/2/11 10:36 AM

yikes! There I go forgetting the period at the end of the sentence. LOL

A Monsterous & Modern Family Tree Made of Buttons
Busy Beaver Button Co.

4/21/11 05:49 PM

Let's eat Grandpa.
Let's eat, Grandpa

Yes, punctuation does matter!

A Monsterous & Modern Family Tree Made of Buttons
Busy Beaver Button Co.

4/21/11 05:48 PM

good job

Sandy's Southern Exposure
4/19/11 11:40 AM

I love Sundays. When I lived in Spain, Sundays were Fundays...eating and drinking and sharing with friends.
In NY, it's not quite the same, but thank goodness for great NY brunches. Without that, I may have left ages ago.

How Do You Handle a Case of the Sundays?
4/15/11 01:12 PM

amazing transformation.

I <3 paint.

Before & After: Painted Ceiling Transformation
4/14/11 10:35 AM

RE the purging of the clothes someone who occasionally purges, but still has a lot of clothes and shoes, I really don't appreciate people telling me how to handle my wardrobe. I love fashion and hate getting rid of my clothes, shoes and purses. It's my what?
I don't walk into peoples' homes and berate them about 60" TVs, ipads and other things I deem useless. You know why? Not my money, my home nor my decision.

I love the new closet! Great job!

Before & After: Busting Out a New Closet
Life in the Fun Lane

4/14/11 10:31 AM

nice use of space, but i think you could find something much better to hang over your bed. I believe it's a shower curtain or just a curtain. Nothing might be better that hanging that. Not sure if it serves another purpose (and if it does, then my mistake).

Rae's First Apartment
4/14/11 01:42 AM

great job

Jordan's Light, Location & Vibe
4/12/11 10:14 AM

really? congrats on the place, but this is not AT ready.

Olivia's Travel Inspired Studio
House Call

4/11/11 11:06 AM

I love the bathroom.

Jennifer Aniston's Alleged New Pad

3/9/11 04:57 PM

um, this is apartment therapy. Let's discuss design and not acting. I think E! has a place for that.

Jennifer Aniston's Alleged New Pad

3/9/11 03:48 PM

and New Yorkers should know that clean sheets keep bed bugs away! Not sure if that's been mentioned (lots of posts on this one).

Latest news: we're in for even a bigger boom of bedbugs this summer.

How Often Do You Change Your Sheets?
3/3/11 02:26 PM