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Before & After: Samantha's Saved
Vanity Stool

7/12/13 10:49 AM

If Justin were my "partner", he could read whatever he wanted in bed. ...and eat crackers.

One Minute Tip: Organize When You Read the News Apartment Therapy Videos
3/23/13 08:10 AM

That is just lovely.

Do-It-Yourself Bright Ornament Wreath Living Artfully
12/8/12 03:27 PM

I like this idea of putting siblings' beds foot to foot. It's sweet.

Kids Spaces, Grownup Size Style:
10 Inspiring Nurseries and Kids' Rooms

8/17/12 03:27 PM

I was *just* thinking about this as I searched DregsList for an apartment that doesn't suck. It's amazing to see fridges plugged into extension cords which are then wrapped around walls and plugged in behind THE STOVE. Even if you don't misuse extension cords in your own apartment, your neighbors may. Scary.

BTW, CK8GO makes a great point. Don't tenants have rights to electrical upgrades?

Safety First: Extension Cord DON'TS
8/14/12 10:31 AM


One Minute Tip: How to Make a Molded Light Switch Plate Apartment Therapy Videos
8/9/12 08:36 AM

Gentle, people, gentle!

How Do I Forge a Style Compromise with My Mom? Good Questions
8/8/12 12:20 PM

I'm on the gratitude bus with everyone else here, but I'd like to offer some advice you might actually be able to use. I do sympathize with you, as I've had something similar occur. Moving home can be a real pride issue. As if it weren't bad enough that you've ended a major partnership, you have to leave your independent home and potentially slide back into playing the kid again.

I don't know your mom, but my guess is that if you bring this matter up to her and (kindly and non-judgmentally) admit any trepidations you may have about feeling like a grown-up with a grown-up space, she will be willing to carve out a spot for you that is solely your own (She's someone's kid too, after all). A nest within a nest. If this website tells you anything, it's the quality and personalization of the space that counts, not the size. The rest of the house is hers and is not yours to judge IMHO.

Even if she's totally unyielding and won't even allow you to have your basic Virgina Woolf things, do keep in mind that our parents don't owe us *anything* material once we're adults- including a tastefully decorated home. Your mom is making a generous concession because she loves you, so her work is more than done, and everything else is gravy. You can always use it as a catalyst to get back on your feet. In this I case I would suggest channeling your annoyance into planning and dreaming about what you will do with a space of your own when you have one. For example, you could make a nice, uncluttered Pinterest page, which will allow you to feel some order amidst the knickknacks.

Good luck!

How Do I Forge a Style Compromise with My Mom? Good Questions
8/8/12 12:07 PM

These are great suggestions, both in the post and in the comments. For me ther top three immediate things to do would be:

1. Deep clean the bathroom and kitchen- you gotta use those right away, so they should be clean
2. Make sure that whatever I'm SLEEPING on is LUXURIOUSLY dressed- Moving is stressful. Sleep time should be a chance restore, not the time to use all your junkiest sheets and pillows. A candle's a great touch, too.
3. Yes, the internet. That way I can instantly research anything moving or decorating-based that crops up while I'm nesting.

I also paint. I either add color right away or paint everything white so I can see what I'm dealing with, then add color as I see where all of my stuff will live in my new space.

Thanks for a great topic.

How to Make it Yours: The First Things to Do in a New Home
8/8/12 11:45 AM

Even though my parents are painters, I'm pretty sure Bob Ross is the reason I've had so many awesomely treated apartments.

Bob Ross Remixed: Fresh Spin on Old Art PBS Digital Studios
8/1/12 06:16 PM


Bob Ross Remixed: Fresh Spin on Old Art PBS Digital Studios
8/1/12 06:14 PM

Check out the Mr. Rodgers "Garden of Your Mind" one. It will reeeeeally make you smile.

Bob Ross Remixed: Fresh Spin on Old Art PBS Digital Studios
8/1/12 06:14 PM

Excellent writing. It's like I wrote it myself!

Thrilling Thresholds: 10 Ways to
Dress Your Doors

7/30/12 04:31 PM

It looks great. GREAT. I want to grab a girlfriend and a bucket of nail polish and have a slumber party in there.

Beautiful vision and fantastic execution. They're *your* ($12.50!) beds, do what you want with them!

Before & After: Vintage Bed Makeover
Fit for a Teen
My Old Country House

7/25/12 12:51 PM

Damn, think this post might've hit a nerve?

Design Hipsterism?
Why Do We Stop Liking What's Popular?

7/19/12 10:47 AM

@LITNERD, I agree. I think people often use dull knives, which would be very unsafe if used in this manner.
It's counter-intuitive, but a sharp knife is really so much safer to use! Just imagine all the force you have to use to push a dull knife through a tough piece of ginger, and what would happen if you slipped! An appropriately-sized, well-sharpened knife will cut through most things like butter- just use common sense and take your time!

How to Peel Ginger
Home Hacks

7/19/12 10:45 AM

Yes! Thanks for the mango tip. I just never seem to learn. It's also *really* good to have all of this stuff in one place. Bookmarked!

How To Peel, Cut, Core, and Dice: 20 Tips & Techniques for Fruit and Vegetable Prep
7/19/12 10:25 AM

Just reread this post and wanted to give it another thumbs up- Good work, Abby Stone and AT!

A Musical Holiday Send Off For The Broken Hearted
7/18/12 10:10 AM

Love them. *Just* enough kitsch.

Musical Glasses by Luna & Curious
7/18/12 09:07 AM

Congratulations! How exciting! You've got a darned good template already.

Tough to answer specifically without knowing your personal style. Are you a cook? Do you entertain in the kitchen, or do you prepare food and bring it to another area of the house to entertain? I think it's important to consider how you will *use* any room before you spend $$ revamping it- especially if you plan to redo it anytime soon.

Let's assume you're a chef and you like to chat with guests or family as you cook. The focus should be on making a space that is flexible for cooking and gathering together. Think Julia Child's Cambridge kitchen- not in terms of style, necessarily, but in terms of flexibility.

I would replace the island with a long (counter length), work-height (~36") farmhouse table, under which you could place stools and some attractive storage . Can't tell from pics what kind of task-lighting you have, but if you have a long table, you'll want to spread that light out, maybe with three pendants or an oblong drum shade.

In place of the nook, consider furniture meant for other areas of the house, like a loveseat and armchair (IKEA Ektorp? Cheap, versatile), so that guests can relax and still chat with you. It'll be far enough from the food prep that it won't get ruined, and you can make decorating choices that either visually separate it from or include it in the kitchen. Good spot for pre-dinner homework, also.

Anyway, that's what I'd do. Looks like a fun challenge, actually.

Ways To Revamp Kitchen with Full Reno Coming in Two Years? Good Questions
7/16/12 09:30 AM