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Both of my children have life-threatening allergies. I haven't found a resource that focuses on our unique needs and usually have to modify what I find. That said, I know a lot of people in the food allergy community who like Cybele Pascal's books, is another good place to get information. Alternative sources of protein include soy, quinoa, saitan, lentils, beans and eggs . . . A hard boiled egg is an easy to take with you source of protein if you aren't allergic to eggs.

Resources for Cooks With Serious Nut Allergies? Good Questions
2/6/14 08:57 PM

We have been using our master bedroom as a second storage unit. This month, I will move everything we've been storing in our room to the storage unit. I would like to eliminate the storage unit, but my husband is very attached to it.

Day 5: Select One Project from Your List to Complete this Month Apartment Therapy January Cure
1/8/13 09:58 AM

2012 Photo album is done with copies ordered for all who'd like one. Unsubscribing is manageable. I'm having trouble keeping up with the cure. This weekend I managed to buy green cleaning supplies and flowers, but I didn't manage to clean all the floors in the house. I think I may need to generate my own short list. Thank you for the suggestion. I also really like the last comment, setting up systems for managing finances, what a great idea.

A Lighter Start to 2013: Three (Easy) Projects to Tackle Now
1/8/13 01:33 AM

There's another nice vertical garden at Little Owl Preschool in Long Beach, California. See it at

Roundup: 9 Inspiring Vertical Gardens
6/20/12 01:22 AM

I enjoy spending time with my family and even though I have a REALLY long list of things that I would do if everyone left for the day, I don't want time to myself. I want a clean organized home and to be able to spend the day with my family without thinking about chores or work. I don't want to feel the need to decide between cleaning the floor and playing with my boys. That's what I want for Mother's Day, "free" time with my family.

2nd Annual Mother's Day Gift Survey
5/6/12 02:13 AM

I want all of the rooms in my home clean at one time . . .

The Best Mother's Day Gift
Reader Survey

5/3/11 07:43 PM

My mother-in-law made a bedskirt for my son's bed that holds quite a few books. You can't see titles in the same way that you can with a wall display, but he can reach all of them. He cherishes the fact that his grandmother made it for him. You can see a picture of it here:

Creating a Library in Your House

1/30/11 12:02 AM

Oops! Please disregard my previous comment, I skimmed the post too quickly . . .

Twine: Vintage New Decorative Accessories Store Profile | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/15/10 12:40 AM

Their sister store, romp, is just for kids and has great items in a range of prices. Some of the small details in my boys' room were found there . . . alphabet magnets, colorful containers for markers and crayons . . .

Twine: Vintage New Decorative Accessories Store Profile | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
7/15/10 12:36 AM

I would love to learn more about the mobile featured at the end of the slideshow. Is it a DIY? I'm hoping to put together a nice room for boys as well.

A Definitely, Indisputably Not-Girly Shared Room Kids' Room Tour | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
5/19/10 01:02 AM