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I recommend Big House's 3L "Premium Wine Casks" in a big way. All of their wines are quite good. Reasons listed on the Big House website for drinking by the box: Freshness, value (4 bottles for about half the price. SRP $22/3L, while SRP $9.99/750mL.), ease of transport, and ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING: "By choosing this 3L cask versus 4 glass bottles, one can reduce packaging waste by at least 92% and carbon emissions by 55%." By the box they have Big House Red, Big House White, Unchained “Naked” Chardonnay, The Usual Suspect Cabernet Sauvignon, Cardinal Zin Beastly Old Vines, and The Birdman Pinot Grigio. (No, I don't work for them but I kinda wish I did.)

Why I Always Have a Box of Wine in My Refrigerator
5/23/14 12:56 AM

Not all TVs are ugly! Bang & Olufsen's Beoplay V1 is expensive but it's like having a beautiful piece of furniture. It comes in 32" or 40", in black or white, and has several stand options. This is not sponsored, I have one. I bit the bullet because I live in a small space and only have one TV. http://www.beoplay.com/products/beoplayv1

Storing the Boob Tube: 10 TV Solutions From Our House Tours
1/15/14 11:56 PM

I love the Bosch white-on-stainless range but Bosch discontinued it in the US. I was over stainless long ago and went to Viking as soon as they came out with all their colors. I had to spend a lot for them and I can't say it was worth it. I've renovated two kitchens since and I'm back to stainless (got tired of the Viking color I'd chosen!) but only because I couldn't get that white Bosch. Check it out in this AT/Kitchn tour: http://www.thekitchn.com/kitchen-tour-lupineanddans-org-131360

White Kitchen Appliances are Trending White Hot
7/23/13 10:28 AM

You're really lucky. The only comments my MIL has ever made about the three older homes my husband and I painstakingly renovated over years is that they're "too small" and "why did you buy this?" When I visit her two McMansions I wish I had the nerve to say "wow, look at all the wasted space!"

The MIL Seal of Approval (Phew!)
2/12/13 06:32 PM

Where did you get the big shade for the floor lamp? Love it and I'm not having any luck finding similar. Thanks.

Heidi & Lauren's Brilliant Austin Bungalow House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/18/10 10:55 PM