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Remember the words inscribed in the cover of your antique compass; "You can always find your way home."

Apartment Therapy - Meditation: On Housing Karma
12/1/07 07:17 PM

80 blocks on a bus? Be of good heart; your folding bike should be delivered by mid week. But are you sure you wouldn't like a small car? 80 blocks???

Apartment Therapy - Meditation: On the Bus
11/4/07 05:28 AM

Ridge, you might want to take a look at Roger Daniels' book "Coming to America." It has several easy to read charts showing numbers of emigrants to, not only the USofA, but specifically to NYC, along with concise reasons why they moved. No skeletons, no paranoia involved; rather, they came because someone really was out to "get" them. Ask the next Hmong family you meet about it.

Meditation: On Tradition
4/11/07 11:42 AM