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Canned goods. We thought we were in good shape last winter and had a good stock of soups, vegetables, etc. However, when the snow fell and we were stuck at home we got to checking our provisions and found out we had some soups as old as from 2008 in our pantry! Probably wouldn't have killed us to eat them, but the ick factor really got to me. Now we make sure to rotate our stock whenever we buy new stuff.

One Simple, Smart Idea: Rotate Your Everyday Household Items
7/22/14 02:09 PM

I grew up in a city, but always wishing that I had grown up on a farm. So I was really excited about moving to a small town and onto a rural acreage. Now I know better and can't wait to move back to a city. Here are some reasons why:

* Slow internet.

* No decent library.

* Limited access to name brands.

* Expensive or impossible to get repairs or construction or plumbing or electrical work done.

* Although people are friendly on the surface, we are considered "strangers" and/or "Yankees" even after living here for 10 years.

* No Humane Society so people drop off their unwanted pets into our yard and we wind up feeding them and trying to find homes for them. We have given away more than thirty cats, but still have 6 left. We paid to have them spayed/neutered and got them their shots -- anyone interested?

Life In The Country: The Stories The Pictures Don't Tell
7/17/14 01:50 PM

I'm just glad to hear that so many people are still reading!

My husband and I have always read in bed for at least an hour before the lights are turned off. Now, however, I have some back problems that make it uncomfortable to sit in bed to read, so I moved a chair, small table and floor lamp into a corner of the bedroom -- it's sooooo much more comfortable! I sometimes use a small footstool and sometimes a small lap-desk to raise the book to a better level. In cold weather I sometimes use a heating pad since my husband is part polar bear on his mother's side...

Current read "London Labour and the London Poor" a four-volume set by Henry Mayhew. Probably not everyone's choice, but this is my second time to read it and I find it fascinating.

Cool, Cozy Reading Nooks Creating an Escape at Home
7/5/14 01:58 PM

My MIL collected souvenir plates to commemorate their travels. One day she decided they needed a wash and put them in the dishwasher -- definite disaster for several of the plates. All the print and design was washed off and she was left with some totally white plates commemorating nothing...

11 Things You Probably Shouldn't Put in the Dishwasher Cleaning Tips from The Kitchn
6/20/14 01:43 PM

Due to financial reverses we are finished decorating -- at least for the time being. I've taken some advice from another AT article published a while back and have been "shopping" other rooms in the house if I want to change things around. It's amazing that in this small house I have items that I have not really looked at for years that brighten up other rooms when put in the "spotlight."

Why You Should Stop Trying to Complete Your Decor
6/18/14 02:44 PM

I'm totally with you, MonicaK, "I love cheaper towels that are thinner and absorb water well and easy to use."

The fluffy, fat towels look great hanging in my bathroom, but
I don't use them, they're just for looks. The towels I use are thinner ones.

I only buy new bath towels when I want to change the color scheme in my bathroom.

Style on a Budget: 10 Sources for Good, Cheap Towels
6/13/14 03:01 PM

If you are the one who is paying for the move, weed out the furniture you can easily replace. It does not make sense to pay $100 to move a bookcase that only cost you $40.

The insurance typically provided by the moving company is based on weight -- and it only pays a few dollars a pound. So if you are shipping expensive items, look into purchasing additional insurance either through the moving company or from your own insurance company. Especially if you are shipping electronics.

Smart Tips for People Who Move Frequently
6/11/14 08:26 PM

Great job!

Before & After: A Bright Yellow Bedroom Goes Shaker Chic
6/11/14 07:54 PM

The concept is wonderful -- however, I do not want to have to crawl on hands and knees to get into bed (the knees just will not take it!). And the eco-friendliness is impossible to beat.

However, many cities and towns have building codes that might keep you from putting such a structure within the city limits...

Vina's Minimal Impact on the Earth Small Cool Contest
6/9/14 04:39 PM

Thank you, sofialaca, this was going to be one of my comments!

Decorating on a Budget: 20 Tips from the Pros
6/3/14 03:02 PM

I'm curious -- the lamp shade next to the bed is very attractive. Did you paint it or purchase it that way? And, do you still have enough light to read in bed?

Erica's Living Zones Small Cool Contest
6/2/14 05:11 PM

How much longer is your lease?

I fully understand your frustration with these panels -- our last house's walls were all textured and we disliked them intensely, not to mention that repainting requires nearly twice as much paint and labor as smooth walls. Ours was a new house and we had no idea that the builder would finish the walls in that way. I do think that it's used to cover up something -- either dented sheetrock or a bad or inexpert mudding and taping job. Nevertheless we lived with our textured walls for nearly 15 years and finally got used to them.

How Can I Hide Horrible Texture on Focal Wall? Good Questions
6/2/14 02:52 PM

Nice space, doesn't look crowded at all. Only thing I don't like are the knotted drapes...

Jennifer's Found Treasures Small Cool Contest
6/2/14 02:28 PM

One day, a long time ago, my husband made a comment about a feature of our former home, indicating that we'd change it before we put the house up for sale. It suddenly struck me -- we'd fix something up for strangers, but not for ourselves??? So we talked about it and found there were several things that we'd like to update or change, but had approached them all with that same attitude.

Needless to say, our point of view changed that same day and now we make changes FOR US. We don't go crazy, we are still pretty conservative about our choices, but we don't live in a house designed for would-be buyers, but for ourselves.

7 Home Regrets You Don't Want to Have in 10 Years
6/1/14 12:51 PM

One thing that everyone should do is scrutinize their bills every month. We just discovered that our cable company had added some kind of "protection" plan to our monthly bill, without our knowledge or consent, that added eight dollars a month to our bill.

Unrelated to that issue we had already decided to drop our cable TV service since we have only been watching the local and national news. We hate reality shows and have found that Netflix and Amazon Prime fill our need for "entertainment." We also discovered that with an inexpensive interior antenna (about $40) from Radio Shack we were able to pick up two network/local TV stations, Fox (which we're not crazy about, but it's available) and PBS -- at no charge whatsoever. This makes sure that we can receive local weather reports and warnings, very important to us since we live in the tornado belt.

The Netflix subscription was a gift from a family member to my husband since everyone knows what a movie nut he is, so that is free to us (we did have to buy the Roku, but that was a one-time purchase). And we got the Amazon Prime when they had a special subscription. We wanted it primarily for the free shipping of other purchases, but the movies are a bonus.

Real Life on a Budget: Shifrah's Money-Saving Tips
5/30/14 04:14 PM

We also fix meals that stretch for several times, especially if we have beef. The high cost when factored over several meals comes out to be negligible and a lot less expensive than eating out.

I've enjoyed your post, although I can't sew or draw worth a darn -- please submit more! I love London, but will probably never have another chance to visit there. We went in September of 1996 and, if we could have, we would have moved there. We would love to hear stories of London flats and houses, if you have any.

Real Life on a Budget: Eleanor's Money Saving Tips & Ideas Budget Living
5/28/14 04:54 PM

Shhhhh! Don't look now, but you have a small fox on your couch.

Rachel's West Village Nest Small Cool Contest
5/28/14 03:53 PM

@hmr -- here's a huge pat on the back -- now, come over and do my house!

@Jackie Garwood -- we've lived in our small house for ten years without curtains in our living room (house backs to a small forest of huge oak trees that belong to us) and it has given the impression 1. that we live in a forest and 2. that the room is much larger. If you find you can't bear the openness, opt for sheers or a very lightweight fabric that still allows the light in...

How To Chase Those Living Small Blues Away
5/27/14 03:25 PM

The fact is that Franklin had high ideals and goals, but, like most of us, fell short. It doesn't alter the fact that he accomplished much good in his life, more than most.

Lifestyle Lessons from History: Ben Franklin's 13 Tips for Happiness
5/21/14 02:46 PM

I realize this is off-topic, but I would love to be able to forward this article (and others) either by email or by Facebook without having to copy and paste -- I think I could enlarge your readership if I had this option. Any chance of that happening?

9 10 Most Influential NEW Online Hardware & Style Retailers
5/13/14 03:34 PM