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Tiny? I must've been thinking of another tour,but I still like this house. The aqua and the tangerine. Again the little girl featured in the majority of the framed pics. She is button cute. I really would love to pinch her fat, baby,cheeks.

Holly's Vibrant, Personal Twist on Traditional Style House Tour
7/9/12 12:04 PM

I love that this tiny, colorful house doesn't look tiny at all. The little chubby girl digging into the bookbin at the end puts a huge smile on my face. Makes me wish I had at least one baby,sigh!

Holly's Vibrant, Personal Twist on Traditional Style House Tour
7/9/12 11:55 AM

Love the use of hooks. I have three times the space, and I use hooks as much as possible. This tour shows that a little creativity can go a long way. This tiny space is neat, and orderly, without looking stark and sterile. Kudos.

Monica's Teeny-Tiny Student Studio House Tour
5/12/12 10:16 PM

Over the river and through the woods...I wishI could be Little Red Riding Hood cuz I would never leave this cozy, li'l cottage. Reminds me of a fairytale. So unapologetically feminine. You've got a good man who allows you to decorate to suit your taste.

Cara & Jerry's Small Budget, Big Style Small Cool Contest
4/28/12 07:52 PM

Another reason to hate the French. They can take thrift store and make it look catalog worthy. This apartment is as pretty as any of the staged scenes in Anthropologie. 525ft in the U.S. is a studio, but in Paris it's a cozy 2 bedroom. It's not the space, but what you do with it. Europeans and Asians get that, but in the United States anything less than 1000ft is deemed a cardboard box.

Julie's Vermeer-Worthy Apartment in Paris House Tour
4/28/12 07:41 PM

Cory, I love your cozy little crib. You get to live next to the beach in gorgeous Key West my dream retirement spot next to Belize. I love your home cuz it looks lived in. If I want to see austere, antiseptic cribs I'll go to BHG or HGTV. I'm a stone's throw away from Sun City in Phoenix. I appreciate the cleanliess of it, but no personality to those perfect little cookie cutters. Your garden is tropical and lush, and dare I say it "sexy." You are my heroine I want to be like you, "gush" when I grow up. I respect that you are an independent chica living life to the fullest.

Cory's Key West Cottage Small Cool Contest
4/27/12 10:24 PM

You would be so offended by my home. Lots of Asian decor. I love it, and maybe being African American I should love all things African or African Americana. Sorry,not my taste. I've been to Europe, Korea,etc. My home reflects my travels, taste,personality. I decorate my bedroom in Tropicale island style. Since my goal is to retire to Belize as an Expat. I also have Kachinas, and Dio de La Muerte since I'm from Az.

SF House Tour: Holly and Sean's Global Style
11/17/10 06:42 AM

So jealous! bellylaughing little,boy w/dirty tee is so adorable! So is cozy doggie! They make me want to a mommy. Snippets, snails, and puppy dog tails. Their scent would be the best aromatherapy ever! You should make sachets out of it. For those of us who crave being parents, but don't want to put in the hard work or deal with the messiness of it.

Four People (and a Dog) Living in 180 Square Feet
House Tour

11/17/10 05:19 AM

OK. I'm one person in 1000sqft( mostly vertical.) Love how 2 people/2 cats can make it work. Fabulous! I tried this set-up years ago w a s/o,and I said never again.

Krista & Will's Compact Contemporary
House Tour

11/17/10 04:31 AM

I like the lack of professional aesthetics. This is why AT is important. You get it all. If you want perfect BHG or HGTV. you learn from comments, but let's face it we would all give our eye teeth to be interior designers. Don't quit your day jobs, people. Enjoy your space it will grow with your needs,experiences,etc.

Auni's Cottage in the City
House Tour

11/17/10 03:25 AM

I love this place. Patrick's style is so like mine(eclectic/ tons of knick knacks.)I see a lot of Etsy finds, or a lot of items that are my Etsy faves. Also land locked here in Az, but I love nautical stuff too! Yay!

The Tyner's Skullduggery
House Tour

11/17/10 02:53 AM

I Think the whole point of AT is to show real homes that are not picture perfect, but somehow capture the essence of their occupants. In the real world there isn't always a place for everything, and everything in it's place. There will be a mix of styles like industrial and cottage, but somehow it all works. things will come from different eras. Who doesn't at least have one heirloom or a hold over from childhood? If you want clean , uncluttered perfection then there is always House Beautiful or BHG.

Karen's Urban Cottage House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
6/2/10 05:16 PM

yum!!! reminds me of a box of jordan almonds. again will someone show a little love to urbanotfitters. Seems like most of this homes that have an unapologetic use of color or a boho feel have at least one item from them. They are the poor person's Anthropologie, and one of my faves next to PBTeen.

Light and Playful PastelsSweet Fancy | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/17/10 09:49 PM

Ahhhh!Lilla is so cute! She's like an adorable little elf, with her own little, animated forest. I love this nursery, because it looks like she'll be able to grow into it within the first few years without having to do too many changes.

My Room: Lilla | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
5/16/10 12:18 AM

Love that Maharajah chair. It combines to of my favorite elements Asian and sky blue.

Torin's Thrifted Family Home House Tour | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/15/10 05:07 PM

Chlorofresh, is a great product for the gassy offender.I know, because it's me not my SO with this problem.

The Better Marriage Blanket Banishes Bedroom Flatulence | Apartment Therapy Boston
5/15/10 04:55 PM

Ladies, I know Urbanoutfitters when I see it. In fact I recognize quite a few of the items, because I own several of them. Give a little credit to chains, because they are a cheap way to add to that found it at a garage sale/thrift store look. Love this look, and totally my style.

Heidi & Lauren's Brilliant Austin Bungalow House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/15/10 03:55 PM