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I put a ceiling hook into my wall right by my electrical outlet (placement similar to yours) (be sure to use a screw plug so the weight doesn't rip the hook out of the wall); my blowdryer has a handy hanging hook right where the cord meets the handle; if yours doesn't have this you could always tie a string or ribbon to your dryer by the handle/cord, and hang it from the hook... good luck! :)

Suggestions For Hair Dryer Storage In Bathroom?
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3/1/11 03:47 PM

so so beautiful :) it's amazing how white on white fits every season!

i think a lot of us cultivate our roadside-find junkie ways from our moms; some of my greatest inspiration comes from ol' Mama! Thanks for sharing!

White On White: Wainscoting & Vintage Bottles
10/5/10 12:47 AM

just bookmarked #5 in my wedding file ; )

Nature-Inspired Tablescapes | Apartment Therapy DC
5/15/10 12:36 AM