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I'm glad you've edited in a different picture of Victoria's patio area. The one originally chosen seemed a bit cruel, for other reasons.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Outdoor Spaces Roundup #1: Patios
6/10/08 04:12 PM

I seem to recall just one shot of the exterior when this appeared in a magazine. Thanks for the additional photos ...

.... but I see a motif of 6 reappearing inside, as in number of seats. Is there something 5ish I'm missing?

I also can't quite see this as a home for young kids. There's nothing squishy and comfy to lounge on, which is a main element throughout the Schott home an on its pool deck area. Also, the porch dining area above would put toddlers at risk with its lack of balcony rail.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | No. 5 House by Claesson Koivisto Rune
6/10/08 04:10 PM

What a terrific planter idea. The ones I like always cost 3 times the plant itself.

And every project is more appealing with an assistant like this one.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Flickr Find: Bread Pan as Succulent Planter
6/9/08 05:18 PM

I IKEA-hacked their wooden hangers, by gluing a bit of foam (from dry cleaners and Saks take-home hangers) to the tips. Shells and drapey neck tunics cling and don't slip. Yes, I color-coordinated the foam (charcoal). IKEA's clip hangers work find for pants and skirts, blending in with the wood theme.

It's not just the pleasure of an organized closet and finding pieces quickly. This arrangment reminds me I already have 18 black tops, so stop shopping for more.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Uniform Hangers
5/19/08 05:34 PM

Oh, hoorah, for the return of the personal pronoun "I" in an opinon entry. The editorial "we" makes me think of a corporate mission statement.

I'm afraid of Kate Spade's bags with the open tops that let your stuff spill out, or thieves' hands creep in. What was she thinking? Easy access for all?

Apartment Therapy New York | How To: Hang Art in Groups (Like Kate Spade)#comments#comments
5/15/08 09:22 AM

My favorite photography detail is how the decorating-required shot with shoes isn't kicked aside high heels in the bedroom, it's slippers in the kitchen.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Southwest #22: Loulou and Nico's Duplex Deluxe
5/14/08 01:01 AM

[1] Baking soda in a shaker bottle (ex-grated parmesan cheese container).

[2] Caldrea's surface cleaner in a spray bottle

[3] Seventh Generation dish soap. Cut with water in a spray bottle, it cleans every surface including dirty dishes. I got the idea from a Jon Carroll column about cleaning services that use this combo to protect the staff from chemicals. This soap also does a good job on laundry.

I'm still looking for a good micro fiber cloth.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How Many Bottles are Under The Sink?
5/12/08 04:09 PM

Next time I move, I'm planning to rent plastic moving boxes. I've heard so many good things about them---companies pick up and deliver....

If anyone finds companies with this service in Southern California (or any where, for fellow AT readers), please share the links in an official post.


I move this Friday, across 3 states. I had pros do the pack up and a national van lines ship the stuff. My car will be full of only me, clothes, and action figures.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | The Best and Worst of Packing Up a Home
5/5/08 09:19 AM

• The retro-style skirt that we could never pull off will find its way to someone else's closet.

Every now and then the Editorial We leads me to chuckle, like here.

Best of luck with your decluttering!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | 10 Things We Should Have Gotten Rid of a Long Time Ago
5/1/08 12:11 PM

For a small space, there are layers of details to catch on multiple viewings. I also like the "welcome" main photo, showing keys in the door lock, a(n awesome) purse/tote flung on the bed, and the drape drawn back so it's not like stepping into a closet.

My dorm room in grad school was about that size, so I understand the challenge. Taylor's storage under the bed is brilliant. I love how the desk lamp is a bit elevated due to its design, freeing up surface space by not having a wide base.

The "Life" framed image would keep me from feeling claustrophobic.

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool Extra: Taylor's Colorful College Nest
4/29/08 09:54 PM

If anyone has arranged their closets by color, please share your organizing scheme! Inquiring minds would love to know...

I've been doing this for about eight years. The off-season clothes (lightweight fabrics versus heavy knits) go in boxy-shaped zippered bags from The Container Store stacked on the shelves above, so all I see for choice to get dressed is the clothes that suit the general weather of the season. I only have a few patterned print shirts hanging together. All my hangers are from IKEA, so I finally achieved the look of the C P Shades stores. \o/

I don't care for the color-coded book shelving, and yes, I do understand that some people state they recall a book's cover faster than they can read a series of spines. But I'm not going to separate all my Dumas and J.K. Rowling just to get a color spectrum in place. It would confuse my action figures nearby.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Organizing by Color: NY Mag's One is the Loveliest Color
2/20/08 07:06 AM

I've been embroidering gifts for next December, mostly tea towels. My patterns and the terrific towels are from Sublime Stitching ..... and I believe I discovered that site through a mention on AT.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Long Weekend Projects
2/18/08 02:24 PM

This style is so in tune with many regions of Califronia, too.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Modernism Week: Marmol Radziner Prefab Home Tours
2/18/08 09:22 AM

I have an all-white bedroom, too, except for three colored pillows on the bed. One's made from my mom's old knitting bag, so that's a bit like a Teddy bear. I like to read in bed and find the white space lets me relax into my imagination. Also, the room always looks tidy.

Apartment Therapy New York | Tranquil Bedrooms Gallery at DominoMag.com
2/12/08 06:38 PM

We know you're not supposed to use the bedroom to watch TV or do office work if you can help it.....

I understand the idea is a bedroom should be a restful place focused on getting good sleep. But living in one-bedroom apartments means I need somewhere to do desk tasks as well as house my piano and books. Not all of that fits in every rental apartment layout for a living room.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Multi-Purpose Bedroom Retreats
2/11/08 06:47 PM

Is that a skylight in the kitchen?

Apartment Therapy New York | New Family Home: Marston Dijon Backsplash
2/11/08 04:10 PM

I'm confused and disinclined to click further on this topic, since I recognize the bottom left photo as from a 2007 issue of Living, Etc of a bedroom in the UK not in Chicago, nor about Chicago based products/designers.

This is also why I don't read the 8-week Cure posts. Half the time, an image that intrigues me isn't a before or after photo of a participant's home, it's from their "style tray".

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Hot Posts: 02.11.08#comments#comments#comments
2/11/08 10:06 AM

And if anyone has any "Great Outbox Karma" stories about things they've given away or received - I'd love to hear them! The best way to get excited about giving away my things is to begin to imagine the happy homes where they may one day end up, right?

I did a major declutter of my possessions that included carting off electronics and their accessories, old cameras, and things that needed special handling ..... like LPs. I'd replaced much of my music with CDs. After giving away as many of my box set operas as possible, I still had several boxes to move along.

I drove all the above to the fantastic drive-through recycling center (for unusual objects!) in Houston. A team descended on my car, took everything away in their work-gloved hands, and only the LPs were left. The recycling team member looking at the boxes said, "Wow. I'd give these a home." I was thrilled. All that music, collected and listened to for decades by me, would have a new listener and not be melted down.

My inspiration to pare down my apartment's contents was handling my mother's estate after her death. I learned to prioritize objects by meaning to me and future usefulness (to me or someone else). I went through her townhouse completely in four and a half days. The final task was delivering eleven boxes of books to the nearby library. I kept a few books I recalled from childhood (Charlotte's Web, illustrated fairy tales with images that lingered with me for years). I'd called the library staff in advance, and they were prepared with wheeled carts and dollies for my donation. When they began opening the boxes, one of the staff members began to cry, "We never get children's books and that's what we need. Parents are always asking for more."

So books that had been decor for decades would probably get read again. That's why it's worth moving them along.

Apartment Therapy New York | Rebecca's Cure: Week Three
1/30/08 06:51 PM

Christmas activities may be starting up early in November, but this year Hanukkah starts on December 4th -- so I'm receiving cards now.

This photo is a great idea. I'll use leftover ribbon and binder clips as needed. I used to punch holes in cards and string them in long cascades, but the laundry line effect is easier and looks good with just a few cards.

Apartment Therapy - How To: Display Holiday Cards
12/1/07 03:50 PM

Ha! I bought one of these this week and used it on Thanksgiving for the first time. I want to savor this bottle of Frogs Leap Zinfandel and I usually can't get the original cork back into any bottle.

Apartment Therapy - Best Product: Vacu Vin Wine Saver#comments
11/23/07 10:49 AM