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I love this house. Cozy and charming but not too staged and "perfect' looking.

"And if it doesn't, who cares!" is great advice for those of us who obsess...

Lesley's Cozy Cool UK Coastal Home House Tour
11/11/13 12:59 PM

Wow...this looks easy enough that even I might be able to "diy" it! : ) Thanks for the tip.

One Minute Tip: The Firefly Jar Lamp Apartment Therapy Videos
11/4/13 06:46 PM

Beautiful home! Especially love the blue-tiled bathroom and the high-ceilinged living room. Erin's red clogs are pretty cool, too....

Erin & Nathan's Collaboratively Creative Bungalow House Tour
10/29/13 10:58 PM

I totally binge watched Downton Abbey, Girls, Mad Men, Party Down, House of Cards, Freaks and Geeks, and New Adventures of Old Christine. I couldn't get into Orange is the New Black at all.

To Binge or Not to Binge: Real Time vs. Marathon TV Viewing
10/15/13 11:45 PM

This house has kind of grown on me... I like the openness and brightness of the space itself and the eclectic mix of furniture is nice, too. Yes, they have a few of the ubiquitous pieces, etc.. but they've put it together with a number of less familiar items so it doesn't look like Apartment Therapy 101.

I wonder if it might look better to hang the art (which I like...especially the orange piece above the stereo) a little bit higher in the living room since the celling is so high?

ps I really like your McCobb planner (is Planner?) desk; I was just looking at one the other day and thinking how it might look in my place.

Thanks for sharing.

The Adkins' Evolving Townhouse House Tour
9/23/13 10:02 PM

Does anyone know a source for that orange leather (pleather?) pouf in the first picture? I want one!

Day 11: Plan a Get-Together & Send Invites Apartment Therapy's Style Cure
8/15/13 07:18 PM

oops... I meant "want"...not "wanted"..

Kim's Before Photos: Work in Progress Bedroom Liveblogging the Style Cure
8/5/13 07:06 PM

I actually really like this bedroom as is; it looks very peaceful and serene... Having said that I can understand why you'd wanted to add in a more few decorative touches and a little more color. I look forward to seeing the changes that you make! (I'm still trying to decide which room needs the most help in my apartment).

Kim's Before Photos: Work in Progress Bedroom Liveblogging the Style Cure
8/5/13 07:05 PM

ps Sorry I didn't answer your question...but it looked so great I couldn't help myself from commenting....

How Do I Remove This '80s Tile from Original Tile Floor? Good Questions
7/13/13 10:02 AM

Wow! I LOVE that green hexagonal tile underneath; it's spectacular. I've never tackled a project like this but it looks like you are doing a great job even if it's going super slow. It may be true that some of the tile underneath is damaged but, even if it is, you can probably (with the help of the internet) find some matching tile and locate a professional to fix it. On the other hand, it may be totally fine; some people just don't like anything that looks "older" so they just covered it up. I second the suggestion to visit retrorenovation.com! I hope you repost once you're done (although I realize that may be awhile from now). Good luck!

How Do I Remove This '80s Tile from Original Tile Floor? Good Questions
7/13/13 10:00 AM

This isn't totally my taste (maybe because I lived through the era it's harder for me to appreciate it objectively...) but they have so many cool pieces and have obviously had a really fun time putting everything together. I really love all of their art work (that one wall of prints is great); where did those come from?

Robert & Michael's Midcentury Pad House Tour
7/10/13 12:32 AM

In this era of multi-tasking, this is a welcome (and wise!) quote (well, maybe except for the bit about the lipstick and the husband...). Thanks!

Being Available In Every Moment Weekend Meditation
6/2/13 11:02 PM

Oops... I meant "from some super fancy rug source."

Danl's New Life in a Studio Small Cool Contest
5/6/13 11:12 PM

I love this! So much cool-looking, unusual stuff, and you've arranged it beautifully! I'd love to see more of this (esp. the art) more close up eventually (hint hint to AT editors). I was wondering about the rug, too, and had assumed that it was from super fancy rug source. Nice job!

Danl's New Life in a Studio Small Cool Contest
5/6/13 11:11 PM

You have made a beautiful home for yourselves. It looks great!

Alexis & Ian’s Designer Pad House Tour
4/4/13 12:18 AM

In DC, a new one that I've seen recently is "penthouse level." I equate "penthouse" with the 25th floor of a building with amazing views of the cityscape...not the top floor of my somewhat humble (though beloved) six level building. Real estate agents...

Spin vs. Reality: Top 10 Apartment Listing Phrases
4/3/13 09:56 PM

Wisest words on Apt Therapy ever: "clean up after yourself constantly and immediately"

(This isn't quite my style but the apartment contained so much neat stuff (...and the couple seemed so cool) that it was hard to resist.)

Joan & Matt's Joyously Eclectic Home House Tour
3/30/13 12:41 PM

It always drives me nuts when people say that renting is "throwing money away." Buying a place may be a better long term investment but you're certainly getting something in return (a roof over your head!) and, as many folks have pointed out, renting simply works better for a lot of people.

Off topic completely....I have that same rug! I like it a lot but have had it for a few years and it's STILL shedding. Not sure if this picture was from someone who had the rug but if so, how do you clean it and is yours still shedding?

I'm Renting...And Okay with That
3/27/13 10:58 PM

This does look very calming and charm and definitely reminds me of a cottage vacation rental. It seems as if it's very "intentional"; I would love to see the rest of your home.

Lynn's Calm & Charming Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/16/13 12:19 PM

Super nice; also love the art and the way it's presented. Would love to see a little more of the kitchen.

Judy Ross' Urban Family Home House Tour
3/16/13 11:31 AM