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Well, mine weren't even that good. Facepalm

Peaches Recalled from Trader Joe's, Wegmans, Costco & Other Stores Food News
7/22/14 06:17 PM

I had a similar experience as iBake. The pickling liquid didn't penetrate the skin of the berries in the time allotted at all. So I tried letting them sit two more days. The brine was too strong and pickled the berry too much. I think if you tried this with a pickling liquid that you know is good, and let them sit for about 4 days, they would be tasty.

Try This: Quick Pickled Blueberries Recipe Review
7/6/14 07:00 PM

You will lose something in the texture. I find my super moist chocolate holds up better after freezing than my white wedding cakes but it's still not ideal. The papers won't come off. But don't double layer the papers or the outer one will come off.

- made a lot of cakes :-)

Can I Freeze Cupcakes for Later? Good Questions
6/10/14 10:24 AM

I think it's a nice idea. But I'd make it something that the host doesn't have to go to too much trouble to break down. Love the herbs idea above.

Looking For a Terrific Hostess Gift? Give a Produce Bouquet!
6/10/14 10:08 AM

Bait and switch.

This Cake is Perfect for Summer. Can You Guess What's it's Made of? Delicious Links
6/2/14 10:49 AM

I've used gmail labels, Pinterest, and Evernote. Each of these lacked a feature I wanted. I wanted to be able to organize by recipe type, easily change a recipes content, surf through images instead of titles, and make shopping lists from recipes. I chose paprika because it does all those things. Highly recommend it.

Here is the review that made up my mind:

What's the Best Way to Organize Recipes That I Find Online? Good Questions
3/11/14 01:39 PM

How does one know for sure if their item is truly brass? I have a brass looking light fixture I would love to try this on. I wonder if I risk damaging it if it's not all brass.

The Look of Unlacquered Brass for Less: Tips to De-Lacquer It Yourself!
1/28/14 02:19 PM

Oops. Missed that bit about the borscht. Apologies.

Russian Food Ideas for a Winter Olympics Party? Good Questions
1/17/14 11:30 AM

Why not a delicious pink Borscht stew? It originated in Ukraine but is popular in Russia, or so I've read.

And a Pavlova for dessert.

I've made them both and they were fantastic.

Russian Food Ideas for a Winter Olympics Party? Good Questions
1/17/14 11:28 AM

Fierymermaid's experience was mine as well. The bit of bark that seems to be left on in the image will be coming off soon also. But it will be looking awesome in the meantime. Wish I had some stumps too.

Before & After: Don't Get Stumped by This DIY
11/6/13 11:12 AM

I'm in.

Would Two Time Zones Be Better Than Four?
11/5/13 09:11 AM

I would buy a crockpot with wifi and an iPhone app. Think about it, many times we crockpot users chose the 8 hour setting and leave the house. Recently I had a unavoidable situation that made my return home way past the 8 hour mark. My dinner was mush. If I had an app with elegant wifi controls, I could have set it on warm remotely and perhaps ended up with better results.

Tony Fadell could do it. And I would buy it!

5 Favorite Features of My Slow Cooker (And 3 Things I Wish It Had!)
10/22/13 11:12 AM

What wall color is that in the first photo?

Color Inspiration: Cool Cobalt
9/11/13 11:56 PM

Love the jelly glass.

Drink Recipe: Cold Brewed Jamaica (Hibiscus Iced Tea) Recipes from The Kitchn
7/27/13 12:34 AM

Reminds me of a super interesting study that links lead exposure to increased violent behavior. I plan to stay completely clear of the stuff myself.


Should I Be Concerned About Lead When Refinishing Old Furniture? Good Questions
7/27/13 12:13 AM

Try Reeder for IOS. I prefer it over google reader anyway.

3 Easy Steps: Switch Your Apartment Therapy RSS from Google Reader to Feedly
6/29/13 02:10 PM

Bah! I don't love fresh oregano. Neither does Ina Garten. He he!

5 Tasty Ways to Cook with Fresh Oregano Ingredient Spotlight
6/20/13 11:34 PM

Anywhere in Stone Oak proper will be nice. It's probably the nicest and safest area in SA. Zip code is 78258 and 59. Just don't go south of 1604 and you will be in a nice area. Alamo Heights is nice too. An older development, but its central SA.

Help! Where Should We Rent in San Antonio? Good Questions
6/18/13 09:09 AM

What is the paint color in the bedroom? Please tell us!

Jenny & Sarah's Gracefully Aged Apartment Small Cool Contest
5/10/13 02:20 PM

Heavy metals are linked to Alzheimer's as well as some cancers. You can find articles that agree as well as disagree with this line of study.

Also many baking sodas contain aluminum unless they specifically state otherwise. Aluminum is used as an antiperspirant in deodorants and can make its way into the lymphatic system and cause a compound of problems.

Just another line of thinking from an avid reader.

Quick, Easy, Homemade Deodorant...that Actually Works Apartment Therapy Tutorial
5/8/13 02:19 PM