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Another vote for the Ben Interior line from Benjamin Moore. Love it and the price is just right.

Consumer Reports Picks for Best Interior Paints: 2013
4/24/13 04:32 PM

Could you please share the wall color?

Kate's Old + New Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/11/13 11:22 AM

Yes, almost 10 years ago, I had just gone through a divorce and wanted to really get rid of any memories my ex having lived there (moving wasn't an option for me at the time) so I decided to do something dramatic and painted the walls in my apartment's living room this pinkish-cranberry color. I loved it and it made me smile every time I walked into the place. When it was time to move out years later, I remember using a lot of Kilz to hide the color but they planned on painting a fresh coat of their paint anyway, so this was just to help. Kept my security deposit too!

True Confessions: Have You Ever Painted a Rental Without Permission? Reader Survey
3/7/13 10:06 AM

I did for my ipad charging cable and while it seems like it took me forever to complete, it was totally worth it!

Brags! What DIY Project Are You Most Proud Of?
2/8/13 10:51 AM

I think a pretty, pale spa-like grayish-green would look great in the space. Benjamin Moore's Morning Dew and April Showers, and Behr's Fortress Stone are the ones which come to mind.

Color to Complement Orange-y Cabinets? Good Questions
1/29/13 04:57 PM

I found some similar ones at which could work.

Where To Find Floating Headboard from Girls? Good Questions
1/29/13 12:06 PM

Very pretty! Wondering where can I find the geometric squares pencil holder?

Rosa's Wonderful Creative Space
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1/28/13 04:38 PM

What a great post! Michelle Hinebrook, who is the artist behind Sugarcoat, has a piece I want so badly called Encrusted. I really love art which makes me smile and seeing abstracts, shapes, or symmetry feels so right with me.

Liveblogging Day 6: Art that Makes You Smile and Makes You Think Liveblogging the January Cure
1/9/13 03:01 PM

Can you come to my house and make it look just as awesome? Great place!

Jason and Jon's Highly Personal Design Lab House Tour
1/7/13 02:33 PM

wow I love this place!

Alan's Retreat In The Hills House Tour
1/3/13 09:41 AM

While it's not my style, the colors used are nice. I agree with most of the comments that the curtains in the dining room should be the same length.

Sai's Glam Girl Pad House Tour
1/3/13 09:37 AM

Neat! We just bought a box of clementines but at the rate I'm eating them, I doubt I'll want to sacrifice any to make a candle.

How To: Make a Clementine Candle
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12/17/12 04:49 PM

I would try to see if it can be taken down. Carpet fibers tend to trap a lot of dust and if it's a basement apartment, I would be concerned with allergies. Also, do you know if the basement is devoid of moisture issues? I ask because this reminds me of a friend who rented a basement apartment in a home (it was a duplex) and her place was so humid that she constantly had to have a dehumidifier running. Seeing the carpeted walls makes me wonder about the wall condition behind the carpet. I hope this works out for you and best of luck!

Ideas for Decorating New Apartment with Dark Blue Carpet on the Walls? Good Questions
12/17/12 04:43 PM

I don't think it looks that bad but I understand your frustration! Depending on the dimensions of the surface, you could buy a large tray (I know West Elm has some large nice ones in great colors) and place it over the tile so that the tray becomes the focal on the vanity. Then when you move, you can always use the tray in another room like the dining room.

How To Cover Ugly Tile on Built-In Vanity? Good Questions
12/14/12 09:51 AM

A spare kitchen cabinet would work too.

A Modern Minimalist DIY Ride-On Toy Made By Joel
10/17/12 02:53 PM