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Todo Es is now needle and shears it seems, i think they rebranded, anyone knows where i can find a good provider?

NY Good Questions: Who Makes Custom Slip Covers?
11/19/13 05:10 AM

wow, that klippan does look special, @cassie do u know how much it costs?

30 Years of IKEA's KLIPPAN Sofa: 1979 - 2009
11/11/13 11:39 PM

baby cod in the same room with a toddler? nobody's gonna get sleep!

Vivi and Brigette's Home Away from Home Nursery Tour
11/10/13 10:14 PM

@henryc didn't see your post on the Manstad slipcover, how do we buy that set of Manstad slipcover on your website?

MANSTAD Sectional Sofa Bed & Storage from IKEA
Sofa Sleeper of the Week

11/8/13 02:33 AM

The Manstad is probably the most practical sofa ever made by IKEA, though must say they're not exactly the most comfortable! i think IKEA came up with a new series called the friheten now

MANSTAD Sectional Sofa Bed & Storage from IKEA
Sofa Sleeper of the Week

11/8/13 02:32 AM

Get guys, check out this lady's method to refluff her Ektorp - she basically cut them open and reorganise the cushions inside, here's a link http://ittakestwoblog.com/fluffing-up-our-ikea-ektorp-sofa/

Replacement Cushions For IKEA Ektorp Sofa?
Good Questions

11/8/13 02:28 AM

Every few houses i visited has a Klippan in it! someone needs to figure out what to do with them after having them for a few years as a college students

30 Years of IKEA's KLIPPAN Sofa: 1979 - 2009
11/8/13 02:26 AM

Have a very different experience with the Kivik, i got a pair of the chaise lounge for the TV room and they're extremely comfy; ok ok i have to admit they do 'sink' in a little bit after a few weeks, but we just rotate them around (yes, the zipper shows when rotated), but no biggie, we'll rotate them back again after few more weeks. Am now considering a velvet custom sofa slipcovers for the lounges from these Aussie guys.

Reviews of IKEA Kivik, Carlstad & Poang? Good Questions
11/8/13 02:25 AM

I found some guys are selling the whole manstad sofa upholstery set these days, you won't have to DIY it it seems here's the youtube link i found www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndv2KePWbT4

Anyone ever tried it? seems easier to do than DIY every single piece?

Reupholster an Ikea Sofa
How Tos From Eddie Ross

11/8/13 02:17 AM

Love the Stockholm couch, love the fact that IKEA does it smaller now compared to the monstrous 3.5 seater, too bad they don't do the grey velvet like this old IKEA ektorp http://prettypetals.typepad.com/prettypetals/2011/01/ikea-ektorp-sofa-comfort-works-velvet-slipcover-beautiful.html.

@fizzfizz i think the stockholm is considered the "premium line-up", but i'm totally with you where IKEA shouldn't be selling something 'premium' if everything else they sell is umm..for the lack of words.. inexpensive and lower quality?

IKEA Stockholm Couch In Green Velvet ICFF 2013
11/8/13 02:02 AM

Can't go wrong with the Ektorps, there's a good reason they've been the 2nd longest running sofa series after the Klippan. My advice is get 2 of those chaise lounge and put them together as a giant lounger and when winter comes, get a velvet slipcover like this lady did in her blog http://prettypetals.typepad.com/prettypetals/2011/01/ikea-ektorp-sofa-comfort-works-velvet-slipcover-beautiful.html its awesome!

Good Questions: Do IKEA Sofas Wear Well?
11/8/13 01:52 AM

Great idea Fori, have you started doing the business yet?

I'm currently looking for a replacement for my Kramfors set, the old cover has officially bit the dust. And apparently ikea discontinued them like last month!!

I looked at Bemz but gosh it costs like 500US plus ship to SF?? I can get a whole new couch for that kind of money.

Raymie: any news on your cover with comfortworks?

Good Questions: IKEA Slipcovers? | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
5/14/10 04:50 AM