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What a great space! It makes me happy to see that my old "Eames" lounge still has a home with these guys. When I saw the picture of it, it brought back memories of seeing my husband sit naked on it while watching TV. Did we forget to mention that in the Craigslist ad? :)

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1/12/12 10:41 AM

I absolutely love my BGE!! Living in Texas, real BBQ is a staple in our home. We can throw on a brisket at night and it's maintenance-free cooking until it's ready the following afternoon. Since it's all ceramic, the temperature stays constant with minimal effort. We've smoked racks of ribs in the pouring rain and didn't have to worry about temperature fluctuations like a regular smoker would have. It's an expensive cooker, but it will last a lifetime and worth every penny.

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7/21/11 05:32 PM

My husband and I recently updated our kitchen and we used the Rustoleum countertop paint
It looks really nice, but a few days after we finished, I laid a WARM coffee mug on the counter and it melted the paint. MELTED! The product can does say to not place hot objects directly on the surface, which is understandable, but a warm object should not have done this sort of damage. Now we have a giant butcher block covering the mess and we are very diligent about placing hot pads down, even when it might not be necessary. I guess I can't complain too much for $22. Be warned, you get what you pay for.

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2/15/11 04:32 PM

e10 - Those are IKEA (shocker!)

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12/9/10 10:32 AM