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Put your car keys in your lunch bag so you never forget your lunch. It stinks to spend the time making it and then forgetting it when you're rushing out the door.

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3/10/14 11:50 PM

Great job! Clean and fresh. LOVE the picture. Mirror is to the left, in a bathroom that small it doesn't take much effort to turn to your left and look in the mirror.

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6/3/13 08:21 PM

By accident I had my first communal dinner this week-end. My landlord, who lives in the same house was fixing my window. He mentioned he had made some quiche. He later dropped of one of the quiche. I called a few friends, one brought wine, I made salad, the landlord came back and we all had a great meal together.
I'm a 50 something who has raised my three daughters and is now on her own. I plan on putting a permanent invite out there for whom ever wants to show up.
Be the neighbor you want to world to be,,,, almost like my favorite Gandhi quote.

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3/23/12 05:36 AM

I can't decide, I like them all! I think you could go with any one of them. The floors are beautiful bare.

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12/9/11 02:37 AM