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@ilovekefir it is more healthy yes, but not more ethical.

East Coast Meat Recall: Cargill Recalls 30,000 LBS of Ground Beef Food News
7/31/12 08:38 PM

I think it's a bit of a cop out because he does acknowledge that it is unethical to eat meat/dairy. I understand the stakes for him are incredibly high as a chef, so I do applaud him for that.

I hope that he will place more emphasis on the ethics and use it as a way to cut down on animal suffering if you're not ready to take the full plunge.

Mark Bittman Turning His "Vegan Before 6" Philosophy Into a Book Food News
7/12/12 09:42 AM

I'm so sick of journalists lamenting the death of books just to drum up controversy so people read and talk about their pieces.

"Cookbooks Will Go Extinct One Day and That's OK." Agree or Disagree?
6/24/12 10:03 AM


Vegan Recipe: Lemony Eggless Egg Salad Recipes from The Kitchn
5/17/12 10:30 AM

I've never had Daiya but when I'm craving a cheesy/creamy sauce I make it out of almonds or cashews

Why It's So Hard To Create a Truly Cheese-Like Vegan Cheese NPR
5/4/12 12:26 PM


Advice for Hosting a Pig Roast?Recipe Questions
4/26/12 07:58 AM

I made these delicious vegan cherry chocolate chunk muffins! http://www.theppk.com/2007/06/vegan-culinary-activism-in-10-yummy-steps/

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of April 21-22, 2012
4/21/12 01:08 PM

I love Trader Joe's but hate the produce section. I always end up having to go three place it's insane: trader joe's, stop & shop for the majority of my vegetables (fruits at trader joe's are fine), and whole foods for coffee/spices/bulk items. oy vey.

The Best and Worst Supermarkets Consumer Reports
4/5/12 09:03 AM

I would also echo asking them! I'm a vegan myself and it is not often when people are as industrious as you so bravo! I would recommend thinking about foods you already make - I'm sure there are more vegan options than you think!

Vegan Recipe Ideas for Easter Brunch?Dinner Party Questions
4/3/12 02:25 PM

Very helpful for a soon to be college grad! If anyone wants to offer presents, I will direct them here

The Kitchn's Guide to Essential Cookware Setting Up a Kitchen
3/27/12 09:16 AM

@hello123 that is the most absurd of the arguments. Do you think the people working at cafos and meat processing factories are treated better??? Come on, I know there are better arguments than that.

NYT Launches Contest To Find the Best Ethical Reason To Eat Meat Food News
3/26/12 07:43 AM

I really thought everyone knew this already. I love living in my vegan nutritionist bubble.

New Study Finds Strong Link Between Red Meat and MortalityFood News
3/23/12 07:40 AM

People do things that are unethical all the time. Eating meat is 10000% unethical. I don't dislike people who eat meat, I know I do unethical things too. To try and argue that it is ethical though is just ridiculous. Just fess up and we can move on! Also, how do they consider Michael Pollan to be a good judge for this? He absolutely defends eating meat as ethical, just not too much for health reasons.

NYT Launches Contest To Find the Best Ethical Reason To Eat Meat Food News
3/23/12 07:38 AM

That elitist article is so hypocritical. If anyone wrote that article about veganism, those foodies would be up in arms. Give me a break.

Weekend Meditation: Inspirations
3/13/12 04:23 PM


Vegetarian Lunch: Black Rice Salad with Avocado and Grapefruit
3/13/12 04:19 PM

Can someone tell me why on earth anyone would ever pay those prices? Rich people are crazy.

Staub's Newest Color: Saffron Home + Housewares Show 2012
3/13/12 04:16 PM

A lot of comments on these meals being bland, I have made the can o beans lunch before and it is not bland AT ALL! Things can be simple and delicious without dripping in butter and cream. As always, thanks for including a vegan option. The Kitchn constantly surprises me with it's veg friendliness :) A lot of similar foodie blogs are incredibly hostile to vegans so thank you thank you :)

5 Quick and Delicious Lunches Under 400 Calories
3/12/12 05:20 PM

Soups pretty much never have plant based meats in them. Veganomicon. Roasted veggies! Burritos, wraps, huge salads, etc etc etc.
The Engine 2 Diet has lots of great stuff too.

Help Me Find Good Vegan Recipes That Don't Rely on Meat Substitutes
Good Questions

3/6/12 07:02 PM

My favorite way to eat kale is something I saw on the Engine 2 Diet page. I use half an avocado and a big bunch of kale and some lemon juice. Massage the lemon juice and avocado into the kale. YUM.

Kale of All Kinds: Curly, Dino & Russian
Ingredient Spotlight

2/27/12 09:21 AM

Also, it's not just the pods that are wasteful. You have to keep the water in it hot at all times.

$51 Per Pound: The Deceptive Cost of Single-Serve Coffee
The New York Times

2/9/12 08:20 AM