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I am French and a big animation fan. So I know most of the selection. But I have to say that "Le roi et l'oiseau" and "the triplettes" are not really made for kids.
Kirikou is not my favorite but Azur and Asmar is a must see with a wonderfull graphism (nut as smooth as nowdays animation) and a great story ending. If you like Oslo's movie you can also watch : "Prince and princess" or "The night tales"
I totally agree with a Monster in paris which is wonderful with great music and with "peau d'Ane" which I watch as a kid and still love to watch now and then.

I have to add : The Secret of Kells (Bredan et le secret de Kells) which is just wonderful and by far my favorite.
An other French animation that I just discovered (may be not kids friendly, not young kids anyway) is : Le magasin des suicides (The suicide's shop)
There is also : Le jour des corneilles (The crow's day) which has a Miyazaky vibe.... very rare in french animation
And a lovely animation for the youngest : Ernest et Celestine (Ernest and Celestine) the story of a big bear and a small mouse
Anyway I have a lot more advice but it seems like enough for a comment here. Hope it is useful.

Movie Night Selection: Foreign Movies for Children
5/21/13 10:21 PM

One of my friends used to collect chupa chups' papers. She had some with the weirdest flavor, and everytime I was going abroad I manage to bring some new ones with differents language on it.
As weird as it sounds, she made all the papers flat and framed it, it looked great. Sadly her husband made her trough the all thing away !

What's the Weirdest Thing You Collect?
9/8/10 10:47 PM