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Agreed-would love to see floor plan. Sticking with straight lines might make the room feel crowded. What if you put your TV on a shelf/hutch on the wall between the windows and the fireplace, and then angled a couch toward both the TV and fireplace? You could work this "V" angle even further by adding two small chairs with their backs to the door, that would allow guests to feel welcome to enter the space, and your couch would be a focal point of the room. An oval or round rug would soften the lines a bit, too. I love the hardwoods and pretty fireplace - good luck!

How To Arrange Furniture In Small Living Room?
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3/14/11 12:29 PM

I like what other posters have said about moving the bed (if possible) to face the fireplace or a window. Blik (www.whatisblik.com) makes very cool wall decals that I'm anxious to try. You could create your own mural behind the bed, and remove it later very easily.
I also agree with other comments that you should find bedding that you love first. That will likely be harder to find and you can customize to match! Good luck!

Decor Ideas for Headboard Area?
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11/12/10 12:09 PM

All of these suggestions are so helpful! Our bathrooms don't have windows either. And they both have exterior walls. And a perfect space for a window. When I mentioned installing them to my husband, he balked. SO, I will be using all of these helpful hints instead!

Ideas for Brightening Up a Bathroom Without a Window?
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11/3/10 05:11 PM

@Jess L. - I feel the need to second your problem of paper clutter! It feels good to admit.
We have very recently updated our home office with more storage, and I'm excited to start a system. For me, clutter is anything that interrupts the flow of our home: when my eye travels around a room and stops too many times on odd interruptions, piles, or items out of place. Also, we're basically lazy (as humans, and me and my family!) I think to myself TOO OFTEN "I'll deal with it later," "I'll put it away later," etc. Then all of a sudden, later builds into an enormous crescendo of anxiety attack of clutter! :-) We definitely all have clutter, we just all define it differently!

How To Declutter Your Home
10/21/10 03:59 PM

wow! i have never seen a bedroom with cooler architecture. paneled ceiling, walls, and hardwoods?! to die for. the design shows this all off beautifully. what age/style is the home? i wish i lived there!

Madeleine's Surprise Make Over
9/28/10 05:57 PM

I love the headboard idea, and the "put a reading nook beneath them" idea! I vote for keeping them. I can envision great kid artwork beneath them, gallery style. The shelf piece above the window feels claustrophobic to me, so if you're dying to whack a hammer at them, I say saw that piece off from the rest and go to town!

Keep these Built-In Shelves: Yay or Nay?
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9/1/10 05:17 PM

Fantastic and so inspiring! I especially love how a little helper in the video "tested" a few of your cushions by jumping on them - ha! Out of curiosity, did you check with any local upholsterers to compare pricing? What would their labor cost have been, I wonder?

Before & After: DIY Upholstery Project Freshly Picked | Apartment Therapy New York
7/8/10 04:31 PM

i'm in love with all aspects of this cozy home, and especially the plants at the window of the kitchen sink! could you tell us more about how you hung them, what materials were used, etc? (also, are the neighbors that close or is that your fence?!) this has to be the most clever way to bring the outdoors in that i've ever seen!

James and Julie's Bernal BeautyHouse Tour | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
5/13/10 02:29 PM

Checked out the listing... the laundry room is on the sixth-floor. How does that make reasonable sense? If anything, I would have put it on the ground floor and installed a chute system from each bedroom. I can't see how a new owner would appreciate a top-floor laundry unless they're hiring a live-in housekeeper, too.

Nine by Design Heads West House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
5/12/10 11:39 AM