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i use mine to dye fibers (that i use for yarn or needlefelting):

i almost never cook with mine!

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4/20/10 03:05 PM

the eames auction was mostly canceled due to a pending lawsuit:

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4/9/10 11:38 AM

sexyartbeast, people get "fixed" all the time, but how many folks do you know that go and get the tips of their fingers (to their first knuckle) removed? that's basically what you're doing to the cat.

declawing is inhumane and done specifically to prevent cats from doing superficial things like clawing up a couch. spaying and neutering is to help manage overpopulation.

i am also anti-soft claws. i had them on one of my cats and he got out and was mauled by dogs because he couldn't defend himself. i don't recommend them for anyone, even indoor cats (which is what he was.)

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2/25/10 03:37 PM

in response to the price: the class is the same cost as taking a sewing class at a community college, but in a much more inviting and intimate setting.

i've taken the needlefelting class and the class sizes are small and there is lots of one-on-one time. i highly recommend taking classes there and can't wait to take more!

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10/9/09 06:06 PM