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Everyone is so freakin' paranoid. We are all shut-ins who go out in the day to work, but lock ourselves up at night.

Very few people have had anything remotely considered dangerous or life threatening happen to them and yet you act like this. It is called paranoia.

When Do You Open Your Front Door?
3/20/11 11:45 PM

I love all of it...except #6: I like the idea of saving for a party, but suggesting others contribute is a bit crass.

10 Reasons to Have a Change Jar
11/10/10 07:35 PM

I agree with getting rid of the large desk. I had an L-shaped desk in my previous apartment and it was huge. I gave it away to someone who was willing to take it apart and move it themselves.

Optimum Arrangement for TV Watching in New Home?
Good Questions

8/15/10 06:28 PM

Gift registries of any kind are presumptuous. Kind of like asking for presents. Sorry, but that is rude any way you put it. Miss Manners has a LOT of things to say about gift registries, even wedding registries. She does concede, and I do agree, that registries are helpful when you are going to buy a gift anyway, but still presumptuous.

Tacky or Tasteful? Registering For a Housewarming | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/11/10 07:53 PM