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@surfjack: flash flash whoop whoop ... stop for the comment police!

I didn't intend to insult any one person's interpretation of "lovely"...but there is a legitimate editorial photo-referencing error in this post and hydrangeas are really cheap and would sadly be considered a "splurge".


Small Details in a Studio Kitchen Kitchen Spotlight
12/31/12 02:27 AM, sink. green hydrangeas above the *sink*. and hopefully not a huge splurge for this person because as far as flowers go, hydrangeas are a big yawn -- even in multiples such as in this attempt

Small Details in a Studio Kitchen Kitchen Spotlight
3/25/12 08:36 PM

i really like this...having the spices and pans available with a simple reach is the best. I would probably like a little more space between the basket and the floor: maybe placing it on a small wood footstool or hang from a wall hook.

Storage Idea: Store Cookie Sheets & Big Cutting Boards in a Basket
Reader Tip

1/20/12 02:50 PM

too. busy.

i prefer the before, to which i would add a plant.

Before & After: An Outdated Room Gets a Major Makeover
Older And Wiser

10/29/11 09:38 AM

...also her current show has an unmistakable infomercial format - where virtually every segment is an attempt [veiled or obvious] to promote her other media or a product she is being paid to demonstrate/talk about.

it's a shameful transformation of the artfulness and originally martha-ness of her original show.

Layoffs Hit Martha Stewart Omnimedia
Design News 10.26.11

10/28/11 08:06 AM

i've always felt the way she decided to structure her company was overstaffed with outmoded & hierarchical titles. layoffs aren't surprising there. how did she keep up paying them until now? and how did she fail to see sooner how unsustainable it was?

it seems her decisions to part ways with [especially longterm] staff depends on a) how expensive they are to keep, & b)the status of her own personal relationship with them.

Sharkey is virtually her adopted son so barring a major fallout he's not going anywhere. Karch then was either getting paid too much or became adversarial in her eyes.

Layoffs Hit Martha Stewart Omnimedia
Design News 10.26.11

10/28/11 08:00 AM

sorry to bandwagon but is hard to resist doing so since the post headline "...on a budget"

a budget is subjective but re-locating electrical and a toilet hole [especially] are most expensive barriers in any bathroom before & after.

Before & After: Andi & Dean's Master Bath on a Budget
9/30/11 10:38 PM

this post is nostalgic for me as well...especially by showing the beautiful light in sellwood. I also wanted to add that outside of the comfortable and stylish house shown here is a vibrant, comfortable, riverfront neighborhood.

portland is a big town but the sellwood area is so unique with natural beauty, food shopping/dining options, cultural, library, schools, recreation & recognizing neighbors.

really nice ;)

June's Quaint 1910 Farmhouse
House Call

9/30/11 08:50 PM

don't forget [from martha!] making a third slice to help getting the first piece of a dessert to release cleanly & easily.

3 Tips for Cutting the Perfect Slice of Dessert
9/26/11 05:29 PM

oil is optional. it pops the same dry.

Popcorn Popping Tip: Start with Just 3 Kernels
1/31/11 09:46 PM

...and radiant heat floors

Home Luxuries: Which Ones Are Worth It?
1/31/11 09:31 PM

real luxuries totally worth if if attainable: steam shower, outdoor soaking tub, attached greenhouse, commercial kitchen, privacy & views :)

Home Luxuries: Which Ones Are Worth It?
1/31/11 09:24 PM

martha runs her home kitchens and laundry rooms like commercial kitchens and laundry rooms. Skylands is a mini-hotel [15 guestrooms] and probably generates alot of laundry.

Martha's Laundry Room
The Martha Blog

1/7/11 10:10 PM

if you decide to get food in portland rather than cook ahead, new seasons market is hands down the best shopping experience in town. best quality freshest ingredients and there's probably one of their stores in the direction you're driving out of town.

Advice for Flying with Pre-Made Vacation Meals?
Good Questions

12/22/10 04:29 PM

Looks sleek but I agree w/ thorndale...seems tight on elbow room for dual use. Also, cutting up and tiling over a nice butcher block surface makes me *shudder*.

From Kitchen Island to Dual Sink Vanity Ikea Hacker | Apartment Therapy DC
6/22/10 08:35 PM

...quality objects & catalog-style photos but big yawn factor on these spaces until some dust bunnies accumulate to add a layer of visual interest.

Snap! Interior Design | Apartment Therapy New York
5/8/10 06:19 PM