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oh man, i freakin' LOVE CAVIAR. with some mini toasts and creme fraiche...

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11/28/09 11:21 AM

this chair would look flippin' SWEET in my place. and then i'd have to find three more. :P

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11/28/09 11:19 AM

i love that beer, love that owl, and those are totally the colors of my living room. sooooo much ruv. i feel like the combo looks pretty sweet with a mossy green as well...

i could see putting white flowers in a collection of hitachino bottles on our little dining table...

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Inspiration: Hitachino Beer
9/22/08 02:26 PM

i was a freshman at william and mary on 9/11. i had just gotten out of my earliest class, really bewildered, and was heading to the student center to grab breakfast and go back to my dorm room when i walked into the basement tv lounge. cnn was on the big screen, and i couldn't understand why there were so many people, and why they were playing some movie already, that early in the morning.

it took a couple of minutes for me to realize what i was watching, and then the towers went down, and i realized i was looking at new york, and when it was followed by coverage of the pentagon, i burst into tears. my brother worked at morgan stanley near times square, but i knew that morgan stanley had wtc offices and i was so frightened when i couldn't reach him via cell that he was there for a meeting or something. my godmother worked for DoD, and had worked in the pentagon until just right before 9/11, but i didn't know her office had moved. i was frantically calling both of them and my parents trying to figure out if anyone knew what was going on, and couldn't reach anyone at all until 10 that night, so i was basically sitting in my dorm surrounded by all of these hallmates i had only known for a couple of weeks.

i was so relieved when i found out they were both all right.

Apartment Therapy New York | Open Thread 665 New York
9/11/08 05:55 PM

this would be the first step towards furnishing my living room of dreams...i've got the blue walls courtesy farrow and ball, but the expensive bits, like a new sofa and some comfy dining chairs, and an actual eames lounge have had to wait until the paychecks mount up some if you'd like to make a very new and very young homeowner superduperhappy, you'd totally give me the red lcw. :)

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair in Red
7/10/08 10:05 AM

is that one of the abdo developments in dc? gorgeous!

Apartment Therapy New York | DC House Tour: Marco and Margie’s Big Plunge
4/23/08 09:20 AM

AAH! perfect for shoe racks for my landing strip!!!

Apartment Therapy New York | Tiny Tiered Shelf from IKEA
4/4/08 05:36 PM

i'd definitely have a place for them on mah landin' strip wall...

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: Wallcandy Arts Chalkboard Panels
2/7/08 08:19 AM

hexagon (black) but if they decide to make it in different colors for this, i'd say red ;)

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Thursday Giveaway: Win a Ferm Living Wall Sticker
1/10/08 11:41 AM

oooooh...ecoist...::lusts after movie billboard bag::

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12/14/07 04:12 AM

Augh, those make me giggle so hard. Enter'd!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Gift Bag 2007: Win a Set of Thomas Paul Folk Dinner Plates from The Curiosity Shoppe
12/13/07 05:14 PM

New place to live, with soon-to-be-new aqua walls, black and white fabrics, medium brown woods, and hopefully some pops of red and silver, provided by accent pieces and this gorgeous sound system in RED RED RED!

I'll be in my kitchen, listening to the Morten Lauridsen "O Magnum Mysterium" (and absent-mindedly singing the alto part) while making Krispy Kreme bread pudding and Salty Oat cookies, so long as I win this. Come on, it's an awesome image. Make it work! :-D

Apartment Therapy - AT Gift Bag 2007: Geneva Sound System
11/29/07 05:52 PM