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oh my, i tried this, it takes forever to do. i've never been patient enough to finish hook rugs. i ended up making yarn with mine & hand crochet into small rugs instead...

DIY Idea: Make a T-Shirt Flokati Rug

9/13/11 06:50 AM

it would be cute with the red "accents" from the other side of that trash bag too i think. love the idea! will attempt to make one too! yay!

Novogratz Inspired DIY Outdoor Lighting
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9/7/11 02:31 AM

would plants like rosemary & lavender help reduce the amount of mosquitos in the yard? just curious... i just had this conversation at my house earlier on how we'd like a few lotus' in water pots, but are worried about the mosquito nesting ground... i live in Indonesia, where mosquito = dengue fever...

George's West Philly Retreat
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8/22/11 03:37 AM

people in Indonesia eat with their hands too, in "plates" made of banana leafs, picking at sambal laden fried chicken or catfish.
my son also prefers to be fed fried fish & rice by hand...
as for western food, pizza is definitely eaten by hand...

Eating Food With Your Hands
8/19/11 07:48 AM

can also vouch that this is probably true. i ate a lot of cantaloupe, chocolate & icy treats, and son now also loves them...

New Research Shows Food Memories Shaped Before Birth

8/11/11 02:21 AM

awwww, so cute!
i turned my son's favorite onesies into a quilt. but boxing some with a label is a cute idea (assuming i have the space to store it) or handing it to our favorite people to wear is also nice...

The Things We Save
Remembering the First Day of School

8/10/11 03:06 AM

hey, that's a traditional indonesian batik motif from yogyakarta, translated into a 2 colour tone. it's called "nitik brendi" :D

*excuse the batik-dork*

Similar Yet Inexpensive Fabric Options?
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8/8/11 01:44 AM

i agree with NadineV :) my son has no problem eating fruits & vegetables, even though i craved like crazy campbells chicken noodle soup, spageti-o's & mars bars (all are hard to find in Jakarta)
i had a relatively easy pregnancy, though mostly i ate cantaloupe & mixed fruit concotions ("fruit soups" as its called in Indonesia), i did feel queasy a few times and found the only thing that helped me was sniffing kumquats spiked with cloves and eating ginger candy. my sister-in-law is not so lucky, even at her 7th month she's still having major moments of nausea (no onions & garlic allowed at her table). also have a friend who lost 4kg of weight during the first 4 months, and slowly was able to eat after that...
so yes, as jme718 says its good that you want to eat healthy, but more importantly, for now, is that you eat! whatever you think sounds good and whatever you can get down your throat. :) you can always adjust your diet to more healthy stuff like veggies when you start breastfeeding, when you dont feel like puking all the time & willing through jump through hoops just from seeing your baby's face...
best of luck with your pregnancy!

Help! Safe Foods for a Queasy Pregnant Lady to Cook?
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8/5/11 05:26 AM

in Indonesia we use them in watercress stirfry, spinach clear soup, inside wonton dumplings (fried or steamed), inside meatballs in soups... yum. now I'm hungry...

What Can I Do With Canned Quail Eggs?
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7/26/11 01:05 AM

i reaaally want a house with a green roof, but living in a communal space, im going to have to settle for window plant boxes & vertical gardens...

*still dreaming of the day i can afford to build my own house with a rooftop garden*

Green Your Drainage: Vegetated Roofs
7/7/11 04:26 AM

well, i live in Indonesia, and while fresh basil is available at the grocery store, it comes with a hefty pricetag.
when i do crave for pesto, i've been using lemon basil, which is more commonly available (people eat it fresh with sambal/chili sauce), and almond/cashew instead of pinenuts (also rare)... not the same, but better than nothing or canned (also expensive)...
i am now attempting to grow basil in this tropical climate, but im not sure how much luck i will have.
that said, its annoying when you have a dish in mind but its missing a single-but-crucial ingredient, and sometimes finding alternative may take more than one weekend event :)

Small Town Survival: When the Grocery Store Sucks
7/7/11 04:23 AM

im indonesian and even though my country is listed as 54th on the less developed country, i know that for most workers (goverment & private companies) we get paid 3months leave (required by law)... its still too short, but at least its more than a month...
as for daycare, i can opt to hire a sitter (a big punch to the wallet), but both my mom & mother-in-law chooses to watch my son (alternately of course) while im at work. i think its how the social system still works here that helps a lot with the raising of a child... (im not sure what this is called in english)...
though i represent those living in cities or working in factories/offices, i cannot say that this is the same for rural areas where there is also less education & poor goverment management... sad...

The Best and Worst Places To Be A Mother | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
5/7/10 04:00 AM