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The making of the bed seems more like a personal preference. Hardly a "must-do"
That said, I do tend to make my bed everyday. Not particularly because I care but because 1. My dog likes to jump up on there and making sure theres a nice "outer" blanket evenly spread across prevents his dirty paws from coming into contact with anyother part of the bed that I like to be a bit more sanitary.
and 2. I have a LOT of free time. I make the bed just for something to do. I'm going to assume this isnt a problem a lot of people here have though.

5 Chores You Should Never Skip (Even If You're Busy)
5/12/14 10:30 PM

I peel potatoes sometimes but only if theyre for mashed potatoes. ..and even then I usually boil them in their skins anyways then remove it after. Carrots only if i'm making carrot cake, not sure why really.

Other than those two, I only peel if the skin is unedible.

To Peel or Not to Peel: 7 Questions I Ask Myself Before Peeling a Vegetable
1/24/14 09:27 PM

..unless you eat them while watching tv.

How I Used an Artichoke to Teach My Children About Mindful Eating
3/12/13 12:34 PM

I have a kitchenaid attachment that shreds cheese. it just takes ages and ages so its not even remotely worth it. My food processor on the other hand (which was cheaper then the attachment, and honestly takes up the same amount of storage space) grates things sooo much more efficiently.

Do I Really Need A Food Processor? Good Questions
3/6/13 02:37 PM

I think its too awkward for the people sitting in the middle of the bench if they want to get up and leave mid-dinner. Especially if they're wearing a dress or skirt

Should I Buy Dining Benches Instead of Chairs? Good Questions
2/25/13 10:55 AM

that sounds annoying... just make a whole batch then freeze all but 2 cookies worth of dough. so much easier next time you only want 2 cookies.

Make Just Two Chocolate Chip Cookies with This Recipe
2/10/13 07:05 PM

I just get the big dog food containers at the pet store to store rice in. Cheap and food safe.

Rice Container 25L by simplehuman
12/4/12 09:50 PM

It depends on the specific scent but I personally enjoy them a lot more then the perfumey scents.

On Non-Food Gifts That Smell Like Food: Is It a Yea or a Nay?
11/29/12 01:35 PM

Thanksgiving needs tons of appetizers. Its not like anybody actually eats breakfast or lunch on that day so you need something to tide you over.

Thanksgiving Appetizers: Why Sam Sifton Thinks You Don't Need Them
11/20/12 08:47 AM

I still need to get my wisdom teeth pulled out... holy crap these comments are scaring me...

Help! I'm Getting My Wisdom Teeth Out. What Can I Eat?Good Questions
5/11/12 08:29 PM

omg, this is basically my dream kitchen. damn you daniel! you better appreciate that kitchen and take good care of her!

Daniel's Gorgeous Kitchen Re-Design Kitchen Tour
5/9/12 12:33 AM

Yum, :9 I just made the Roasted Strawberry, Brie, and Chocolate Grilled Cheese. But I used nutella instead of pieces of chocolate. I highly recommend it.

Roasted Strawberries: 5 Swoon-Worthy Dessert Recipes
5/9/12 12:31 AM

at a thai restaurant I really love they present all the entrees over fried rice wrappers. It looks awesome.

Recipe: Vietnamese-Inspired Rice CrispsRecipes from The Kitchn
5/4/12 02:16 PM

I'm currently living alone and still use the dishwasher. I run it about once a week. luckily, I have enough dishes that its never been too much of an issue of running out of anything.

Living Alone with a Dishwasher Cooking for One
5/2/12 10:16 AM

....that picture looks repulsive. waaaay to much dressing on that thing. Plus it looks like a pain in the ass to serve. As much as I love salad I would definitely skip that if I saw it offered.

In Defense of the Seven-Layer Salad
4/20/12 02:42 PM

I almost always bring a Mango Black Bean salad. Its kind of a pain in the ass to bring something that needs to be reheated so it works well.

What Are Your Best Potluck Dishes?Good Questions
4/16/12 03:37 PM

Either bread or sub half of the all-purpose flour in recipes with the whole wheat. I don't really notice the difference but my husband tends to enjoy whatever cookies/muffins/waffles/
etc with the wheat flour more.

What Can I Make with Whole Wheat Flour?Ingredient Questions
4/16/12 03:31 PM

does it really matter if there's no appetizer or dessert? having multiple people bring over potato salad is a problem but otherwise who cares.

and I have no problem with people bringing over store-bought. I think its kinda douchey to get upset over it. most people that I have come over are usually single guys that don't even have kitchens and/or can't cook anyways so I'm just grateful they brought something at all. I know multiple people that will NEVER go a potluck unless forced because they can't cook and don't want to get all the snide looks for bringing store-bought. Its so sad that they have to dread something thats suppose to be a happy occasion.

What's Your Potluck Style? Reader Survey
4/16/12 03:23 PM

hm, while i meant for my original comment to come off as callus, it probably came off more so than i intended. let me be a little clearer. 95% of all food that i make is of asian origin. meaning, 95% of all food I make has soy in it. if you have a soy allergy than you're screwed. I can't even think of a single asian dish that doesn't have soy in it. So basically, coming to my house for dinner if you can't eat soy is like a vegetarian going to a steak house. Theres just simply not a whole lot i can do for you.

The Most Difficult Dinner Guest Ever: And 5 Delicious Meals To Feed Them
4/13/12 07:40 PM

ugh, sorry for being unaccommodating, but I'd just cancel or reschedule to a restaurant. I have things I can't eat too but I don't make a fuss about it. If theres something on my plate I can't/won't eat I just scootch it off onto somebody elses plate (such as a husband or family member that doesn't care if I keep piling up their plates) and fill up on all the other things. Problem solved.

But, eh, I guess it just depends on how much of an inconvenience the dietary restrictions are. If its just one or two ingredients that someones allergic to that can be easily replaced then its no problem. If they're major star ingredients though and they have me sweating over how to make an entire meal out of nothing then its not worth the trouble of hosting.

The Most Difficult Dinner Guest Ever: And 5 Delicious Meals To Feed Them
4/12/12 08:49 PM