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We love Fresh and Easy - there are more and more locations showing up in Southern California. Quality and prices similar to Trader Joe's, but less rush hour rush. My husband is Italian and the selection of fresh cheeses and Italian imports passes his test!

The Best and Worst Supermarkets Consumer Reports
4/4/12 04:33 PM

I agree that the current arrangement seems functional. The only thing I noticed is that the room seems a bit "crowded" with the voluminous sofa and visually heavy wood furniture. Is it possible to pull the sofa just a tiny bit back from the fireplace, or substitute a visually "lighter" coffee table and/or rug? It might even make a difference just to find another place for the large throw pillow and blanket which add volume to the large sofa. Adding a few houseplants or decorative pieces with finer textures or shiny surfaces might also give the room a lighter touch. Good luck!

How To Layout Living Room In 1930's Bungalow?
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7/22/11 03:29 PM

Vintage chairs are awesome, so I always get a little irritated when I see pictures of people who have MORE THAN THEIR FAIR SHARE OF COOL FURNITURE (yeah, I'm talking about you, picture #1)! Hey, have a garage sale and spread the coolness around, won't you?

The Charm of a Vintage Chair
6/13/11 11:33 PM

A mobile! You wouldn't hit your head on it because the stairs get lower beneath it, and it would be an amazing focal point!

Here's a picture...

...or something like this...

...or if you have one of these hanging around....

Large Scale Wall Art Suggestions?
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6/13/11 11:28 PM

Our neighbors burn wood in their fireplace 24-7 most of the year, flooding our home and garden with smoke. This means that many beautiful spring, summer, fall and winter days at our Southern California home have been spent barricaded in the house with the air purifier at full blast, rather than gardening or enjoying a drink on the patio. Wood heating is great for rural folks, not great for neighborhoods. Please pass it on!

Get Off My Lawn: Neighbor Pet Peeves
5/25/11 10:21 PM

Before you consider heating your home with wood, please consider how your community will be affected. Wood smoke can be seriously unhealthy, and while you might not breathe the smoke that comes out of your chimney, your neighbors certainly will! New, efficient wood stoves are a great heating option for rural homes (I grew up with one!), but they are inappropriate for cities or suburban neighborhoods.

Wood Stoves vs. Fireplaces
10/27/10 11:07 PM

I agree that gathering around a fire is a primal pleasure, but before you burn please consider how it may affect your neighbors. My husband and I used to enjoy the smell of smoke, until we moved in next to a family that burns wood constantly. The prevailing winds bring it straight into our home, and like all byproducts of combustion, it's not the healthiest thing to breathe on a regular basis. So, just be considerate and respect your neighbors' right to breathe too!

Fire Pits Outdoor Fireplaces Roundup | Apartment Therapy New York
5/25/10 08:32 PM

Like all the professional designs you've shown, these spaces are incredibly beautiful and obviously the product of a talented eye...but to me, they lack the thing that I love most about Apartment Therapy: the element of lived-in authenticity! I'll just keep telling myself that one's budget is inversely related to one's creativity and ingenuity when it comes to home design. Let that be consolation to all of us working on a shoestring!

Lichten Craig Architects: Smart Space Planning Design Designer Portfolio | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/6/10 10:21 PM

We have similar light wood cabinets in our kitchen, and we've painted all the walls a neutral greenish beige called Ground Ginger from Behr. There's just the right amount of contrast, yet the colors are harmonious as well.

Paint Colors to Coordinate with Wood Trim?Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/5/10 11:49 PM